Project your device’s survey app onto your PC screen – perfect for web-demos and presentations

Let me preface by saying this blog is geared more toward Opinionmeter partners, trainers or anyone wanting to conduct real-time demos of the SurveyManager and the TouchPoint mobile survey app simultaneously on their PC. You may ask why this is of interest, given you can demo the mobile survey application on the device itself (either in preview or live mode). The answer is this applies to demos or web-based training that take place remotely – when you are not physically with the customer. Live web-demos work great with the web-based SurveyManager, given it is web-based and all participants can easily see the same thing at the same time. The challenge has been seeing how the survey app is displaying on the device during remote demonstrations or recording of video tutorials.

Enter AirServer… Recently we began using a $15 utility called AirServer ( that allows you to project (or “mirror”) a mobile device onto other Wi-Fi enabled screens. Using AirServer you now can project a mobile device’s screen directly to our PC and see both the SurveyManager and the Device screen simultaneously. This has many great applications, such as technical support, web demonstrations, video recording of tutorials via screen-casting, etc. We have always used screen-casting software such as Camtasia Studios to record video tutorials, (see our video library or YouTube channel), but until now we were unable to record the SurveyManager as well as the survey app running on a device in real-time. In fact, we just published our first tutorial on white-labeling customer surveys using this very technique!

One issue we ran into after installing AirServer was with our office firewall. If the mirroring icon does not appear on your device (on an iOS device you need to double-tap the home button and scroll to the left), it’s probably due to the firewall settings on your PC or Firewall. Our issue was that our Wi-Fi router was behind our firewall so we had to provide access through the firewall so both the PC AirServer app and the mirroring on the device could see each other. Obviously, both should be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Have a look below at a screenshot of my iPhone running the TouchPoint Mobile survey app:

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Here’s our first tutorial on white-labeling customer surveys using this very technique:

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