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Opinionmeter’s Survey Solutions are best-in-class. We understand how capturing quality feedback, on the best platform, combined with thorough data analysis benefits brands in ways unimagined. Here is where you can learn from our broad range of expertise for survey solutions across any industry.





Opinionmeter Enters Canada

Beginning January 2013, Pugsley + Surgenor Advertising, Inc. will be introducing Opinionmeter’s customer satisfaction survey tools to the Canadian market. The overall management is in the hands of Bill Surgenor, Director of Data and Production who has been working with Canada’s Advertising …
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Retailers Use In-Store Mobile Surveys to Engage & Reward Customers!

A “connected” consumer has access to powerful tools, making them smarter buyers. “Hijacked retail” and “show rooming” are a new phenomenon among consumer behavior. Consumers are now empowered by their mobile technology to use retail outlets as showrooms only to purchase online. Those businesses with a brick and mortar presence must find new ways to engage and delight customers who have less expensive online alternatives. Retailers are faced with the choice to either view technology as a threat, or utilize it as a strategic advantage to provide a better shopping experience and welcome the increased revenue that will surely follow.

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