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Opinionmeter’s Survey Solutions are best-in-class. We understand how capturing quality feedback, on the best platform, combined with thorough data analysis benefits brands in ways unimagined. Here is where you can learn from our broad range of expertise for survey solutions across any industry.





Are Employees Engaged?

Part 7 of our series on Goals for CX Management

Employees are one of a company’s two greatest assets. They are the customer facing ‘faces’ that influence how customers behave.

Like customer experience, employee engagement has become a top priority for …
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Is There an Exchange?

Part 6 of our series on Goals for CX Management

The critical measure of success is whether a transaction occurred- did the customer make a purchase? A straightforward value of the transaction is measured by the amount of the purchase. Frequency …
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Is the Shopping Environment Positive?

Part 5 of our series on Goals for CX Management

The environment, physical or digital, is critical to human experiences. Therefore, it is important to design or stage experiences that influence all the human senses. Those organizations that have the ability …
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Are Customer Expectations Met?

Part 3 of our series on Goals for CX Management

Customers have ever increasing expectations when they interact with companies. The US Office of Consumer Affairs in a 1976 study of US consumer satisfaction found that expectations of many customers were …
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Is the Customer Experience Positive?

Part 2 of our series on Goals for CX Management

Experience has economic value! To create this value, every customer journey touch point has to be thoughtfully crafted. Increasingly, companies like Taco Bell, Intuit, USAA, Bank One, Apple and Kohl’s, to …
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Opinionmeter Just Got a Whole New Look!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new streamlined Survey Manager platform! And we’re hosting an upcoming webinar to give you an up-close first-hand look!

Coming in May to a device near you–an all-new, completely redesigned and …
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