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The Complete Patient Experience Platform

Use real-time patient feedback captured right at the Point-of-Care
to address short-term concerns and drive long-term improved patient satisfaction.

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Capture Patient Insight

Highly-accurate feedback from the Point-of-Care

  • Create, edit, distribute, gather, & analyze with ease
  • Gather patient feedback from web, mobile, kiosk & more
  • View and distribute results & online dashboards
  • Start quickly with one of our pre-built templates
  • Let our experts help guide you every step of the way

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“The Opinionmeter survey solution is one of the best investments PPMH has made to assess patient satisfaction. I continue to be amazed by the system’s functions and the support staff at Opinionmeter!”

~ Eileen Lawson, Planned Parenthood, Mohawk Hudson

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Features of Our Patient Satisfaction Survey Solution

Point-of-Care Patient Feedback

Our multi-channel engagement platform provides access to real-time feedback from all patient touchpoints, whether they are inpatient, outpatient or at home experiences. Our suite of feedback technologies ensures a comprehensive and nuanced view of the patient experience, all within one integrated feedback platform.

Patient Rounding

Increase rounding efficiency by eliminating the delay between rounding and documentation. The TouchPoint™ rounding app provides today’s healthcare professionals with a mobile rounding solution that is scalable and easily customized for departments, hospitals and for integration into other systems. Leadership rounds with patients and staff have been proven to directly correlate to an increase level of safety and quality in delivery of patient care.


Instant Service Recovery

Frontline staff are notified in real-time whenever a patient provides feedback that meets predetermined risk thresholds. These real-time service alerts are delivered by email or text message, enabling staff to react immediately and provide instant service recovery.

Customized Live Dashboards

Live dashboards are custom-designed for your organization to visualize the real-time feedback gathered from each patient experience channel. Both structured and unstructured data is displayed in real-time. The live dashboards are accessible on-demand through the web portal or delivered on a scheduled basis throughout the organization based on permissions.


Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis

Our text analytics engine decodes patient feedback commentary by identifying phrases, themes and keywords to distill individual actionable insights tied to operational categories. Track patient experience metrics and scores across categories, locations and individuals, understand and predict trends, and be alerted to outliers.

Advanced Integration

Your data is available when and where you need it. Our SurveyManager application delivers patient insights to the right people at the right time in the right format. Whether you plan to use our integrated reporting tools or pull data into external systems through our RESTful API, our platform is built to scale.


Custom Patient Feedback Survey Reports

Aggregate the most important Patient Experience metrics into a custom feedback report that can be shared across your organization: pulled on-demand or scheduled for future delivery. Opinionmeter’s advanced dashboards deliver your insights into a unified view of overall performance.

Take a Test Drive with One of Our Templates

Patient Satisfaction – Outpatient Survey Template

Try this sample template for measuring satisfaction levels from patients. Start surveying with any of our pre-built templates. Then add or change questions as needed. Or create a new survey from scratch.

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