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Frustrated with Your Survey Results?

When surveys aren’t your day job, and you’re tired of getting useless responses, let the survey experts do the heavy lifting. We have over 40 years of experience creating successful survey programs that let you just focus on the results.


Your Business Goals + Our Survey Expertise

Put Our Experts to Work for You.

Are you measuring customers, patients or employees? Or maybe you need digital checklists for site inspection or auditing.

We help companies who aren’t getting the results they need from their current survey program, or are simply too busy to manage it. We also create new survey programs where none exist.

We use cutting edge survey science to get results that you can actually use to make important business decisions.

Contact us today and let us explain why companies–both large and small–turn to us for help.

Opinionmeter Turnkey Survey Solution

“We helped Kohl’s become the highest rated organization in customer experience in its class, and maintain this leadership for years.” ~ Dr. Pawan Singh

We’ll Help Every Step of the Way.

  • Survey Design
    We’ll help create a survey that not only measures what’s happening, but also tells you why. Asking the right questions that drill down to answers you need.
  • Deployment
    How should you collect the data–online? kiosks? mobile? tablets? We’ll help you choose the right modalities for the job and publish your survey to everyone.
  • Monitoring
    We’ll help you monitor your program as it goes along, helping to ensure you get high participation and the ROI you need from the data being collected.
  • Analysis
    Results can be misleading if they’re not carefully examined. We’ll help clean your results data so that you see reliable, trustworthy analysis to enable your decision-making.

Trusted by Some of the World’s Smartest Companies


Features of Our Customer Satisfaction Survey Solution

Point-of-Experience Feedback

Get real-time feedback from all customer touch points. Whether in-store, mobile or on the web, you’ll have a comprehensive view all within one integrated feedback platform.

Instant Alerts

Management is notified in real-time when a customer provides feedback that meets predetermined risk thresholds. These alerts enable staff to engage customers while still on-site.


Customized Dashboards

Visualize your real-time feedback the way you need. Structured and unstructured data is presented in live dashboards, accessible on-demand or by scheduled delivery.

Social Analytics

Our text analytics engine decodes customer commentary, identifying phrases, themes and keywords to let you understand and predict trends and be alerted to outliers.


Metrics Design

Develop metrics that are aligned with your strategic goals. We present metrics that are normalized to provide consistency over time and across multiple surveys.

Internal Benchmarking

Customize questions by store, department, manager, or even staff level. Measure and track both organizational and departmental results simultaneously.


Predictive Analytics

Gain insight into a customer’s experience to determine what is working and what can be improved. Establish predictive analytics to reliably forecast business outcomes.

Advanced Integration

Your data is always available to the right people at the right time and in the right format, whether using our integrated reporting or pulling data into external systems.


Custom CX Feedback Survey Reports

Aggregate the most important Customer Experience metrics into a custom feedback report that can be shared across the organization:  pulled on-demand or scheduled for future delivery. Opinionmeter’s advanced dashboards deliver your customer insights into a unified view of overall performance.

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