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Digital Checklists with Embedded Intelligence to Capture Data Anytime, Anywhere

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Digital Checklists. Reimagined.

Opinionmeter’s digital field data capture solution transforms your paper-based system into smart digital checklists that seamlessly capture field data using an on-line or off-line mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Instantly gather checklist responses and embed critical supporting evidence or information like pictures or short video or audio commentary.

All captured data is stored in a secure centralized database enabling holistic reporting with drill-down analysis, automated scanning and alerting for anomalies and enterprise-wide compliance assurance

  • Digital Checklists with Embedded Intelligence
  • Capture Data Anytime, Anywhere
  • Mobile & Web Solution
  • Embed Photo, Video & Audio in Captured Data
  • Location- & Time-Stamped Data
  • Insights & Actionable Analytics
  • Customizable Reporting Including Compliance
  • Scalable, Secure, Hosted Solution
  • Single Sign-On Access Option
  • Easy Integration with Enterprise Workflow

$1.21 Million in Annual Savings
Over 1000% ROI!

“Opinionmeter has generated efficiencies and cost saving—especially during a time in our business where every dollar counts. Moving core enterprise forms to this digital platform has already unleashed value leakage in our EHS and Operations analyses groups to be more strategic in how and when we capture data. As regulatory and environmental reporting requirements become more stringent, the Opinionmeter software has become a key solution to capture and report our compliance. Throughout, the Opinionmeter team offered outstanding support and flexibility to ensure our transition to digital forms capture was a success.”

~ A Leading National Oil & Gas Company

Tablet with our checklist software

Build Multi-Layer Checklist Strategies
Across Your Organization

Our team of experts will start by analyzing your organization’s current data capture needs and workflow to determine how best to optimize your entire process. Our intelligent form and data capture technologies allow you to capture across multiple platforms, including native mobile and tablet apps—supporting both online & offline entry—and web solutions. In addition, real-time data can also be shared via our API, which supports integration with other business systems or workflow triggers like alerts and automated work orders.



Media-Rich Forms

Include photos, video, voice recorded comments, even signatures along with your electronic checklists. Data capture is automatically uploaded in real-time and integrated into your custom reports. When no internet connection is available, data is stored on the device until connectivity is detected and then uploaded.

Reporting and Analytics

Push or pull reports on a scheduled or event-driven basis. All reports are available in PDF, PPT, Word, Excel and Web formats.Live dashboards will be custom built for your organization in a way you wish to visualize your data. The live dashboards are accessible on-demand through the web portal or delivered on a scheduled basis throughout the organization based on permissions.


Custom Development

Our dedicated team of engineers are ready to provide you with rapid custom development for additional features or functionality your special use case may require. Using the agile development methodology, our team can quickly add customized features and integrate with your organization’s API’s.

Advanced Integration

Your data should be available when and where you need it. Opinionmeter’s SurveyManager makes it possible to deliver insights to the right people at the right time and in the right format. Whether you plan to use our integrated reporting tools or pull data into external systems through our RESTful API, our platform is built to scale.


World-class Support

A dedicated account manager will be responsible for overseeing the onboarding process, training and implementation. This process begins with the identification of key project and research objectives. Ongoing quarterly updates are provided along ad hoc on-demand day-to-day assistance. You’ll also receive free training along with data capture design consultation and deployment. And multi-channel support, including live chat.

Customized Live Dashboards

Live dashboards will be custom designed for your organization in a way you wish to visualize the real-time feedback gathered from each patient experience channel. Structured as well as unstructured data will be displayed in real-time. The live dashboards are accessible on-demand through the web portal or delivered on a scheduled basis throughout the organization based on permissions.


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