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Need some expert help designing your survey? Whether you need assistance with a complex questionnaire or are looking to brand a survey template, we have a team of survey design experts ready to help.

Better Survey Design eliminates “junk in-junk out”

Research data is only as reliable as the questionnaire used to collect the feedback. The most important step in any research project is to ensure the survey questionnaire being used meets your research objectives and follows general survey design best practices. For over 25 years we have been assisting clients in building reliable questionnaires that meet their research objectives. Our survey management platform provides a variety of survey design tools including survey templates, libraries of commonly used questions and response scales.



Survey Design consultation

Our team of survey design experts will listen to your unique requirements, analyze your specific use-case and make recommendations to ensure you meet your research objectives. Only when working with a survey instrument that has been professionally designed, scientifically validated and tested, can you trust that the data collected will provide reliable insights you can base your critical business decisions upon.

Beautiful, Professional Surveys

In addition to having a quality survey instrument, it is also critical your survey is visually appealing and has a professional layout and appearance. We will work with you to ensure your survey instrument meets your brand’s visual aesthetic, including logo, colors and style. All survey layouts follow responsive theme technology to scale perfectly across all feedback channels, whether it be web, mobile, tablet or kiosk.

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Interactive Questions:
Make your Surveys Engaging!

Survey respondents are more engaged when participating in a survey that is interactive and visually appealing. Include interactive media and maps within your questions and responses. You can even allow respondents to answer questions using their camera, submit video responses or record comments in their own voice!



Complete Brand Control

It’s important to maintain brand consistency when designing the look and feel of your survey. Create a custom template specific to your brand and style, using your logo and corporate colors. Take advantage of the advanced layout options to deliver a visually appealing survey experience.

Advanced Design and Complex Functionality

Opinionmeter’s survey platform has evolved over 25 years of continuous improvement and is extremely feature-rich. Whatever your survey requirements, we welcome the opportunity to help bring it to life. If we don’t have the feature your project requires, we will build it!

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