Survey Templates

Survey Templates

Choose from Opinionmeter’s library of professionally designed survey examples and survey templates and start collecting real-time feedback in seconds. Choose your survey template and get started!

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Survey Templates

Whether you need an online survey tool for creating customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys or run an offline mobile research study, Opinionmeter has a solution for you. With our multi-channel survey platform you have the option of distributing your survey templates to the following feedback channels: web, email, mobile-web, offline mobile phone & tablets, survey kiosks – even scanned paper surveys! Get started in seconds by using our pre-built survey templates  and survey examples which you can customize to meet your specific project needs.

Electronic Data Capture

Electronic data capture: intelligent forms and checklists. Use smartphones and tablets online or offline to capture check lists and electronic forms for audits, compliance and field research.

Hospitality & Guest Survey Templates

What if you could intervene before an unhappy guest has the chance to go online and post an unfavorable hotel review by providing guests the opportunity to submit spontaneous in-room, in-house feedback? Opinionmeter’s mobile phone survey software uses QR codes to access real-time customer surveys on smartphones and tablets. When a guest scans a QR code, the mobile device’s browser automatically launches the hotel survey.

Market Research Survey Templates

Does your market research project involve testing the feasibility of a new product or service. Or, maybe you’re conducting a mystery shopper survey using mobile devices. Perhaps you need to deploy your survey to multiple modalities, including online & offline survey apps. Whatever your market research needs, you’re likely to find a survey template below that will be of help!

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

The following survey templates offer a wide-range of question types, simplifying the process of capturing real-time customer satisfaction feedback. Whether your survey project is focusing on customer satisfaction, service satisfaction or product satisfaction feedback, you’ll find a relevant survey template to meet your needs.

Workplace Survey Templates

Interested in gathering feedback from your employees to ensure the workplace environment is friendly and team oriented? Workplace surveys can help make your workplace processes run efficiently. The following survey templates cover a range of issues in the workplace, including safety, benefit packages, employee satisfaction, ergonomics and more.

Event Survey Templates

Event surveys are a great way to capture attendee feedback at each phase of your event including registrations, sessions, exhibit-hall and post-event follow up. Mobile surveys empower attendees to participate in real-time feedback using their own mobile devices, while survey kiosks placed within the exhibit-hall provide instant onsite feedback and online surveys can be emailed to attendees for valuable post-event follow-up.

Healthcare Survey Templates

Gain real-time patient satisfaction feedback from in-patent and out-patient settings using survey templates that were specifically created for the healthcare sector. These surveys cover a wide range of healthcare delivery issues that are appropriate for hospitals, medical groups, clinics, and others.

Education Survey Templates

Measure the performance of your school, college or university by capturing student feedback on teachers, facilities, activities, programs, events, and services on campus. These education survey templates are designed to capture real-time insights into all the aspects of school experience and help determine your schools strengths and weaknesses.

Multi-purpose Survey Templates

Here you’ll find a variety of survey templates ranging from NPS to Contests, Workshops and Training surveys. When you are ready to build a custom survey for your business, start a free trial! Our survey software can be deployed across any device, and our reporting is as robust as you can imagine. Get the data you need with Opinionmeter Surveys.

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