Turnkey Survey Solutions

Turnkey Survey Solutions

The easy way to launch a satisfaction improvement program,
without the complex setup

Customer Satisfaction | Patient Satisfaction | Guest Satisfaction

Insight Out of the Box

Need to monitor satisfaction but don’t want to deal with the complexity of designing and launching a survey program?

No worries–we’ve done the work for you. Scientifically-designed surveys, collection, dashboard and analysis–it’s all there. All you have to do is turn the key and watch the responses come in.

  • Tell us where to gather responses–online, on-site
  • We’ll help deploy your survey and get things started
  • Use our analytics dashboard to update your results daily
  • Analyze hidden trends and outliers
  • See which locations are performing poorly–and why
  • Identify demographic trends
  • See your satisfaction levels respond over time

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Opinionmeter Turnkey Survey Solution

  • Capture online, offline, on-site, mobile and more
  • Update results as often as needed
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Overall Satisfaction Trends
  • Trends over Time
  • Filter by Demographic & Location

The Quick & Easy Way to Monitor Satisfaction

Our turnkey platform comes with a scientifically-designed customer satisfaction survey built-in. Using advanced features such as branching logic, the survey responds to the feedback from customers in real-time, automatically asking drill-down questions to follow up with dissatisfaction when detected. Of course, you can always make changes if you want, but all you really have to do is press Go!


Capture Anywhere

Our solution lets you capture data anywhere, whether online with web, mobile, tablets, email, social media or on-site with kiosks that capture right at the Point-of-Experience.

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