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Capture spontaneous feedback from anywhere, online or offline. Create mobile surveys and collect real-time feedback from any browser, smartphone or tablet. With over 25 years’ experience, Opinionmeter is the leading device-friendly survey software on the market today.

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Mobile Web Survey Platform

Create beautiful mobile-friendly web surveys and gather feedback through any browser, smartphone or tablet.

Given consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices within the shopping experience (researching product features, pricing, etc.), engaging the consumer to provide impulsive feedback at their point-of-purchase is a natural extension of how they’re already using their phones. Additionally, capturing fresh and spontaneous consumer insights from the consumer’s point-of-purchase is highly valuable data for consumer researchers.

“According to research by Gartner, mobile is the best channel for Customer Engagement.”

Building upon the success of our offline mobile survey app, we have extended our Mobile Survey Software to include distributing optimized surveys for all major mobile phone browsers. Our mobile web survey software is optimized to instantly detect whether the mobile phone requesting the survey download is Android, iOS or Windows based, rendering the survey specifically for that mobile user. No matter which type of mobile phone is being use, the online survey software is smart enough to display the survey in the optimal way for your customer.

With recent advances in browser technology, we are able to leverage the advanced features and rich user-interface from our native offline survey app (TouchPoint Mobile) to our new web-based mobile survey solution running HTML5.



Create Engaging Mobile Web Surveys with Interactive Question Options

Take advantage of interactive question types designed to leverage the unique capabilities of mobile devices. Include interactive media and maps within your questions and responses. You can even allow respondents to answer questions using their camera, submit video responses or even record comments in their own voice!

Listen to your customer at the moment they are ready to engage with your brand. Leverage the power of your customer’s mobile device with Opinionmeter’s mobile web survey solution. Take advantage of this growing trend in digital audience surveys with our optimized software specifically for mobile devices of all types.

Responsive Survey Themes

Author online surveys that adapt to any platform and reach your customers regardless of the device they are using: desktop, tablet or smartphone.


Online & Offline Mobile Survey Feedback

Capture point-of-experience feedback on your tablet or smartphone with or without an internet connection. When no connection is detected, data is stored locally and uploaded once the connection is re-established. Mobile surveys are perfect for use in the field or wherever your customers interact with your products or services. Collecting in-person feedback couldn’t be simpler.

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A Holistic
Listening Platform

Powerful Mobile Survey Software reaching all touch points throughout the Customer Journey

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~ Carol Lewis, Quincy Medical Group

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