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TouchPoint Mobile™ is the most comprehensive mobile survey app on the market today. TouchPoint Mobile™ is a native mobile app, offering the same extensive functionality across all major smartphone and tablet platforms. Our Mobile Survey Apps are quick to set-up and easy to deploy, and can be white-labeled for seamless interaction with existing customers in any language, anywhere in the world. Being a native application, it can run online for real-time feedback, or as an offline survey app – without the need of an internet connection.

“According to research by Gartner, mobile is the best channel for Customer Engagement.”

Opinionmeter’s mobile market research survey app makes it easy to get up and going quickly – designing mobile surveys, collecting responses and analyzing survey responses through the hosted Survey Manager web portal. The TouchPoint™ mobile survey tool generates spontaneous ‘moment-of-truth’ feedback from the customer’s ‘point-of-experience’ in real-time.


Offline Mobile Survey Solutions

Capture point-of-experience feedback on your tablet or smartphone with or without an internet connection. When no connection is detected, data is stored locally and uploaded once the connection is re-established. Mobile surveys are perfect for use in the field or wherever your customers interact with your products or services. Collecting in-person feedback couldn’t be simpler.

Our offline mobile survey apps work for Android, iOS, and windows phones and tablets.The iPad Survey App can also be run in kiosk mode for continuous in-store feedback and other customer survey applications.

Our mobile survey apps can be used across any industry, including Data Capture, Patient Satisfaction, and Customer Feedback Surveys.


Cross Platform Flexibility

Regardless of the platform, every survey you design and distribute will be mobile-ready. Choose from a variety of themes, or brand your own and distribute knowing that whatever device the respondent uses to take the survey, it will be beautiful and engaging. iOS, Android, Windows… it all works the same!


Responsive Survey Design

Author mobile surveys that adapt to any platform and reach your customers, regardless of the device they are using: desktop, tablet or smartphone.


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Click on the device to begin exploring the TouchPoint Mobile™ Survey app. TouchPoint is our native, cross-platform survey app specifically designed to support the most robust, feature-rich capabilities you would expect from a business-class mobile app.


Benefits of TouchPoint Mobile™

  • Compatible with all mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.
  • Offline surveys – no internet connection required!
  • White-label the entire application to reinforce your brand across all touchpoints.
  • Supports all languages, including right to left justified.
  • Capture rich content from survey respondents with video, photo and voice recording functionality.
  • Identify individual response locations using GPS and Google Map integration.
  • Resume Later feature allows respondents to pause and resume surveys at a later time.
  • Complete brand control – customize the look and feel of your survey. Use your logo and corporate colors.
  • Responsive survey design – design mobile surveys that adapt to any platform.
  • Send real-time action alerts to management via email or text for in-store service recovery.
  • Run multiple surveys simultaneously on the same device.
  • Over 35 question types supported, including interactive, media rich content.
  • Include images and video content within your survey.
  • Digital Signage – run videos as digital signage during idle time between surveys.


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Mobile Survey App Screenshots

The hosted SurveyManager allows you to manage all aspects of your mobile survey app design remotely through any browser. Design your questionnaire using a variety of question types. The SurveyManager supports branching, multimedia content, multilingual surveys, even multiple surveys running simultaneously on a single device. You can customize your survey layout using your brand’s logo and corporate identity and even append pictures or video to your survey responses. Whether you are creating new surveys, or editing existing ones – changes are done remotely through the web-based SurveyManager and all content changes sync automatically to your devices in the field. The mobile survey app screenshots shown below illustrate several of the existing question types supported.

iphone-1 iphone-2 iphone-3 iphone-4 iphone-5 iphone-6 iphone-7 iphone-8 iphone-9 iphone-10 iphone-11 iphone-12 iphone-13 iphone-14 iphone-15 iphone-16
ipad1 ipad2 ipad3 ipad4 ipad5 ipad6 ipad7 ipad8 ipad9 ipad10 ipad11 ipad12 ipad13 ipad14 ipad15 ipad16

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