Opinionmeter Receives President’s ‘E’ Award


September, 2001
BERKELEY, CA U.S.A. – OPINIONMETER, INC., manufacturer of the electronic customer satisfaction polling machines called Opinionmeters, has received the prestigious President’s “E” Award for excellence in exporting. Created in 1961, the “E” Award is the nation’s highest award to honor American exporting firms and organizations for their competitive achievements in world markets as well as the benefits of their success to the U.S. economy.

The battery-operated interactive Opinionmeter lets lobby customers self-administer computerized surveys at places such as banks, post offices, hotels, health-care centers, etc. It delivers large survey samples at low cost, provides instant, on-site access to results and is modem-capable.

Because of its myriad applications – proven in the U.S. and readily translatable to foreign markets – together with the Opinionmeter’s simple, “do-it-yourself” technology, and inviting license terms, the product package became a relatively “easy-sell” in recruiting licensees worldwide. Opinionmeter, Inc. has successfully developed a large, ever-growing, global network of full-service licensees that provide lease and total support of Opinionmeter products in their countries.

Criteria for the “E” Award includes the requirement that a company maintain a substantial increase in export business over a sustained period and apply innovative strategies in the introduction of new products into U.S. export trade.

Opinionmeter total sales grew at an annual average rate of 119 percent over the four-year period surveyed. Yet, even at this very high growth rate, export sales were maintained at over 20 percent per year. To achieve this growth rate, Opinionmeter developed a highly cost-effective marketing strategy and overcame a number of challenging barriers that have deterred other companies from rapidly increasing their international sales.

Headquartered in Berkeley, CA Opinionmeter, Inc. also has offices in Marina Del Rey, CA. Opinionmeter’s world-wide network can be see at the Licensee Program area of Opinionmeter’s website: www.opinionmeter.com


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