Opinionmeter Offers Innovative Devices for Banking Surveys

Opinionmeter is a leading provider of advanced tools for gathering and measuring customer satisfaction for many industries, including financial services and banking institutions. Opinionmeter offers an innovative array of survey tools for industries such as retail, healthcare, government, financial, education, general workforce and many more. The company’s mobile survey devices allow its clients to capture the real-time voice of the customer feedback at the point-of-experience, meaning at the time and place where the customer experiences the banking product or service.

The firm’s primary customer satisfaction feedback survey tools include handheld PDAs, mobile phone, tablet PC’s, online web, and touch screen kiosks that streamline the collection of customer satisfaction surveys, feedback and market research data. Using portable electronic devices makes it easier, quicker and more cost-effective than older passive methods that rely on customers to complete and mail a paper form, sometimes weeks after their experience.

Specifically within the financial services arena, the tools offered by Opinionmeter for banking surveys have proven invaluable to banks and other financial institutions by enhancing their service levels, introducing new products to increase customer satisfaction, improving retention rates, and boosting market share in a very competitive industry.

Increasing the frequency of banking surveys and the use of electronic data capturing devices has become a necessity because of the competitiveness in the financial services industry. With the help of Opinionmeter’s banking customer satisfaction surveys, financial institutions are discovering improved response rates and overall communication with their customers. Opinionmeter technology provides not only captures banking satisfaction measurement data but also provides real-time analysis of customer motivations, perceptions and expectations. The banks are then able to deliver the right services in the desired manner to their target markets, increasing overall satisfaction levels, retaining business, building long-term loyalty, generating greater brand awareness and attracting new business.

By conducting a series of bank satisfaction surveys, using Opinionmeter’s wide-range of interactive survey solutions, banks benefit from real-time, multimode data collection providing instant voice of the customer feedback when and where the transaction occurs.. In addition, Opinionmeter’s SurveyManager provides everything a client needs to manage customer satisfaction feedback programs from survey design and remote survey monitoring through its sophisticated data analysis reporting module. Reports can be viewed on-demand, scheduled for automatic delivery, or exported in a variety of popular formats including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF or Web.

About Opinionmeter

Opinionmeter, founded by Bob Strickland, has been providing a wide range of survey tools and interactive devices for conducting customer satisfaction surveys and market research for more than 40 years. The company offers a wide range of interactive customer satisfaction feedback survey devices that provide real-time customer satisfaction from the customer’s point-of-experience. All survey equipment is managed remotely through the web-based SurveyManager – a hosted application solution. The portable survey devices offered by Opinionmeter streamline and simplify the collection of customer satisfaction survey feedback and market research for both customers and clients. The company’s research results provide invaluable insight into consumers’ subjective attitudes, perceptions, evaluations and decision-making processes at the point-of-experience. For more information about Opinionmeter’s banking surveys and customer feedback solutions for other industries, please visit www.opinionmeter.com today.

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