Military Market Magazine

Military Market Magazine, April 1999

Opinionmeter lets your customers tell you what they think
By Roger Hyneman

Everyone has an opinion. And whether they be incendiary or insightful, annoying or cloying, they can also be valuable and helpful. For businesses, it’s customer opinions that matter most. But getting those opinions isn’t easy.

Enter the amazing Opinionmeter. Looking something like a parking meter, it can be set up almost anywhere and programmed to ask specific questions. Unobtrusive in appearance, it attracts attention but is fast enough that users will use it, and not just walk away.

Already, Opinionmeter are being used by morale, welfare and recreation facilities on more than 75 bases worldwide.

What a tool! Every commissary and exchange should have one. According to Paul Biesemeier, an MWR marketing specialist at Fort Hood, Opinionmeter “draws the attention of all ages and gives patrons a fun way to let our marketing team know just how they feel about the facility without completing a long questionnaire or being inconvenienced in some other way.”

Exchanges could place Opinionmeters near store entrances or exits. Commissaries could set them up adjacent to the queuing lines, giving customers something to do while awaiting checkout.

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