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Cal Poly Pomona – News Brief Students Give Foundation a Piece of Their Minds

Students are giving the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation a piece of their minds. And the Foundation couldn’t be happier. That’s because it has recently purchased two free-standing survey machines called the Opinionmeter, computerized, interactive interviewers which ask students, faculty and staff a series of questions about their purchasing patterns and needs. The machines are currently located inside the Campus Center Marketplace and Los Olivos Dining Commons.

“Our customers are diverse and more demanding in terms of products and services they expect, and the price they are willing to pay” says Paul Storey, executive director of the Foundation. “It is imperative that we use technology to run our operations more effectively.”

In a recent poll, Los Olivos diners were asked about their interest in a cook-your-own-steak night and entree preferences. And in April, University Village residents will be asked to input their views in the Opinionmeter.

The Foundation has received positive responses about the Opinionmeter from the campus community. “They’re pretty popular”, says Sherry Egler, foundation marketing manager. “Procurement recently called me for information on the Opinionmeter for other departments interested in purchasing their own.”

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