Tips for Getting Started with your First Mobile Survey Project


So, you have been tasked to manage your company’s customer experience survey project. In addition, management has learned from their professional networking that a mobile surveyoptimized for smartphones and tablets – is likely to be the best way to conduct the survey. Congratulations, you’re in for an interesting and rewarding adventure!

But where do you begin, especially if you don’t know the first thing about designing and deploying customer experience surveys, let alone mobile surveys? Well, you’re in luck – there are some really great DIY tools available to help you along the way. First, we recommend you take some time to understand the basics of customer surveys, and then familiarize yourself with the state of mobile survey apps and mobile web solutions that are now available. Without a working knowledge of customer satisfaction surveys and the tools used for gathering the data, you may needlessly expend limited resources and not get the results you want.

Know what questions to ask and how to ask them…

As you begin drafting your customer experience survey, here is a checklist of preliminary questions and issues for which you’ll want answers:

1.  What are the objectives of your survey; what are you trying to find out?
2.  Who is your target audience for the survey?
3.  What is the best way to contact and interact with your target audience?
4.  What is the budget allocation for the survey?
5.  Do you have authority to contract with an expert in customer feedback projects?
6.  Is there a specific result or outcome expected from the survey?
7.  What is your time frame for gathering the data and producing reports?

As for deploying your mobile survey, here are a few important questions you’ll want to get answers to…

1. Do you plan to have your customers use their own mobile device or will one be provided at the point-of-experience (in-store)? If  your customers will be using their own mobile devices, you may want to consider a browser based app to avoid having to first download an app. However, if you plan to provide an in-store kiosk or employees will interview customers, then it’s best to go with a native survey app and benefit from the robust features (including offline data capture) that only a native app can provide.

2. Will you have an internet connection at the location where your customers will be responding to the survey? If not, you’ll want to use a robust native survey app opposed to browser-based app.

3. Do you want to include media capture as part of the survey experience? Mobile survey software now offers the flexibility of including media within the survey itself as well as providing the respondent the ability to snap pictures, record video or even leave a comment in their own voice. All pretty cool stuff, but may or may not apply to your survey objectives.

4. How about incentives. Do you want to provide a fun incentive or quiz-related feature within your survey? When providing point-of-sale surveys through mobile means, often an incentive is not necessary to maintain a healthy response rate, but it still can add fun to the process for your respondents!

5. Given we’re talking about mobile surveys – how about giving your customers a social media connection and allow them the option of posting their feedback to their social media site of choice? just a thought…

6. Now that you’re capturing all this cool point-of-experience feedback in real-time, why not add some action alerts. You can set triggers in your survey instrument (fancy for “Questionnaire”) that will trigger email or SMS texts to anyone you want (most likely management at the store level) who will receive the action alert in real-time, giving them the opportunity to interact (or intervene if necessary) with the customer while they’re still in the store!

7. What kind of output format do you want from your survey data? Do you want simple summary reports, cross tabulations or web-based live dashboards? Do you want your reports to be scheduled and delivered to you by email (as an Excel, PowerPoint or PDF document)? Do you have your own statistical software package and only need the raw data or would you prefer using a cloud-based reporting engine?

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