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Planned Parenthood Case Study

Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson (PPMH) provides quality reproductive health care and education to 12 counties in New York. Our Education and Medical departments were interested in direct patient satisfaction feedback surveys but a paper survey was inconsistent and not eco-friendly. Discovering the Opinionmeter TP TouchPoint Kiosk made our goal that much more feasible. We currently use our patient experience survey devices in our largest clinic sites to gauge patient satisfaction feedback as well as advertising new features to inform patients of special programs available to them.


Being a large affiliate of a national foundation makes consistent patient satisfaction feedback collection very difficult. The medical staff is concentrating on delivering quality care and asking them to assist patients with completing patient surveys felt like just one more task on their plate. We also serve such a diverse population of people that we needed a flexible mechanism to gauge what a specific group might need to make their visit with us more comfortable.


The Opinionmeter allows us to have uniform patient satisfaction surveys available to patients in the waiting rooms of clinics that are 80 miles away from each other! Additionally, with this patient survey system, we have the ability to quickly gather and review patient satisfaction feedback from these distant sites using Opinionmeter’s web-based SurveyManager application. The data we collect is used to evaluate quality of care, convenient hours for patients and level of customer service. We have not only used the system in our clinic, but the Education Department has taken the Opinionmeter TouchPointP Kiosk to community events to ascertain what community members know about their base of services. The patient satisfaction data collected has shown us where we are excelling in areas and where we need to fine-tune others.



  • Survey creation is easy and the branching feature allows for in depth data collection.
  • The system is user friendly; patients are interested in seeing what the system is and want to participate, unlike the daunting paper survey.
  • Automated web-based reporting saves staff time
  • Report options are incredible, the raw data is readily available and the ability to cross tabulate data collected is enormously valuable.
  • Customer Service at Opinionmeter is amazing! They have been essential in training, trouble shooting and assisting with creating reports.

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