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Project your device’s survey app onto your PC screen – perfect for web-demos and presentations

Let me preface by saying this blog is geared more toward Opinionmeter partners, trainers or anyone wanting to conduct real-time demos of the SurveyManager and the TouchPoint mobile survey app simultaneously on their PC. You may ask why this is of interest, given you can demo the mobile survey application on the device itself (either […]

New Tutorial Vidoes now available for Opinionmeter’s DIY Research Platform

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy recording additional video tutorials covering recent enhancements to Opinionmeter’s DIY Research Platform. We’ve received great feedback on the effectiveness of the training videos so we are committed to expanding the tutorial library. The ideal would be to have a video for every major feature in the customer […]

Using Merging techniques to enhance Survey Reporting for Property Inspection

We’ve recently discovered a powerful technique for building comprehensive survey reports using Word’s Mail Merge feature. This approach is especially useful for mobile surveys containing qualitative data such as comments and/or media. Our partners in the Netherlands are using this technique when building reports for their property inspection and property management clients (http://www.opinionmeter.nl/toepassingen/inspectie/). In addition to […]

Creative Ways Stores Are Using Mobile Surveys for Retail Marketing Research

Retail Marketing Research The margin for error is slim. The tough business climate has forced organizations to do business smarter. Companies are scrutinizing product mix, supply chain management and more effective marketing research like never before. Smart retailers are seeking customer opinions to provide the shopping experience and products that are in demand. In today’s […]

Opinionmeter Enters Canada

Beginning January 2013, Pugsley + Surgenor Advertising, Inc. will be introducing Opinionmeter’s customer satisfaction survey tools to the Canadian market. The overall management is in the hands of Bill Surgenor, Director of Data and Production who has been working with Canada’s Advertising Industry for over 20 years. “We’re very excited about having the ability to help our […]

Retailers Use In-Store Mobile Surveys to Engage & Reward Customers!

A “connected” consumer has access to powerful tools, making them smarter buyers. “Hijacked retail” and “show rooming” are a new phenomenon among consumer behavior. Consumers are now empowered by their mobile technology to use retail outlets as showrooms only to purchase online. Those businesses with a brick and mortar presence must find new ways to engage and delight customers who have less expensive online alternatives. Retailers are faced with the choice to either view technology as a threat, or utilize it as a strategic advantage to provide a better shopping experience and welcome the increased revenue that will surely follow.