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How to Create an Effective Customer Experience Survey

Over the past 20 years, Opinionmeter International has distributed thousands of customer satisfaction surveys through its wide-range of interactive survey devices. Here are a few of the key points we’ve found important to consider when preparing your CX survey. ● Preparation. Take the necessary time to structure the survey correctly. Before beginning to draft your […]

Just a Fun Survey Infographic

  Everybody loves an Infographic! Here’s a fun way to nudge management into letting you launch a Feedback Survey to learn more about your customer’s experience with your products or services. You can even get started right now with a 30-day Free Trial!

Tips for Getting Started with your First Mobile Survey Project

So, you have been tasked to manage your company’s customer experience survey project. In addition, management has learned from their professional networking that a mobile survey – optimized for smartphones and tablets – is likely to be the best way to conduct the survey. Congratulations, you’re in for an interesting and rewarding adventure! But where do you begin, especially if you don’t know […]

10 Steps to a Successful Website Launch

  Earlier this month we launched a completely new version of our website – http://opinionmeter.com.  We were looking for a modern, responsive design with intuitive navigation allowing visitors to easily find the information they were looking for. Throughout the development process, we documented the lessons learned, and have compiled them here for those of you […]

Three Ways to Use Your Survey Results to Transform Your Marketing

So, you’re surveying your patients, clients, or customers—good for you!  But if you’re like many of our clients, you’re missing enormous opportunities to use your survey results to improve your marketing.  We know, because we see these missed opportunities every day. Here are 3 ways you can use your survey results to improve your marketing: […]

Mobile Survey Apps in Four Weeks or Less!

Opinionmeter’s unique expertise is rooted in developing mobile survey apps that are cross-platform compatible. Our TouchPoint survey software currently supports all popular mobile devices including Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android and Windows platforms all from a single code base. Technology changes quickly with new devices and platforms arriving on the scene constantly. […]

Airlines Using Surveys to Improve Operations and Passenger Experience

Opinionmeter International has announced a new airline industry application for its TouchPoint Survey Software. This new application has evolved due to airlines noticing that in-flight passenger surveys help them gain valuable “point of experience” market research data. Airlines are also using surveys to seek employee and pilot feedback to improve operational efficiency.   Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint […]

Hotel Reputation Management Using In-Room Satisfaction Surveys

Hotels now using TouchPointTM In-Room Surveys to Reduce Negative Hotel Reviews. Opinionmeter International has announced a ground breaking hotel reputation management tool aimed at reducing negative guest reviews posted online. Like it or not there are hundreds of hotel review websites, not to mention social media venues where unhappy hotel guests can post about their […]