7 Unexpected but Important Ways to Use Customer Feedback Once You Have It

7 Unexpected but Important Ways to Use Customer Feedback Once You Have ItIn our previous blog post, we mentioned how you can use survey results to assemble testimonials, find referrals, and generally spread the good word about your company’s quality offerings and exceptional customer care. in this post we’ll discuss how you can glean even more useful information from customer feedback if you know what to look for!

Below, you’ll find an overview of the nuanced but equally vital ways that survey feedback can target your company’s strengths and problem areas and help you improve them.


1. Capitalize on What You Do Well and Use It to Improve Sales

When you wow your customers with a product, service, or experience, they’ll tell you about it in the survey. Your company may receive high marks in customer service categories, or consumers may rave about the products you offer. Find the aspect of your business that gets the most positive reviews and customer satisfaction, and emphasize it in your next marketing campaign.

You don’t have to stop with your marketing campaign though. You can also mention your strengths in online sales copy and exchanges between employees and customers. However, keep in mind that this strategy doesn’t stop you from emphasizing new products or different perks that you want customers to know about-you still mention those things. You just capitalize on what customers already appreciate and are sharing with you through your customer feedback surveys.


2. Use Customer Feedback as Fuel for Innovation

Even if your clientele like what your company offers, they may have opinions on how to improve your products or services. Take these opinions seriously. If customers take the time to enter their comments in the written part of a survey, they do so because they find the information worth sharing. What they consider a minor inconvenience may produce upset with other consumers in the future, so improve now.

Additionally, if customers see that you take their customer feedback seriously and implement the improvements they suggest, you’ll be seen as a responsible and accommodating company. Your efforts could earn you customer loyalty, not to mention referrals.


3. Discuss Flaws and Problems With Your Employees to Find Solutions

Maybe the individuals who complete your customer surveys don’t have suggestions-they only have complaints. You can still use these complaints in a proactive manner. Brainstorm ways to avoid the problems that customers mention. And if you cannot think of ways to change, take the problem before your employees.

Your employees will appreciate the chance to make their voices heard, and they’ll tell people about this positive work experience. Consumers like to hear about a company that treats its employees well.

Additionally, your employees could come up with a brilliant idea that transforms your product or service into something extraordinary. Not only will you eliminate the issue your customers mentioned in the survey, but you’ll boost your company’s success.


4. Personalize, Depersonalize, or Otherwise Change Your Approach as Needed

Depending on your industry, you may need to personalize or depersonalize your customer service approach to help visitors feel at ease. Remember that as a general rule, customers appreciate it when a business tries to build a genuine relationship with them. Healthcare facilities, airlines, law firms, and similar industries generally benefit from personalizing the guest’s experience.

However, your customer service problems may have nothing to do with personalization. It may involve cultural sensitivity or response times instead. Your customer satisfaction surveys will tell you more. Just make sure you consider all the survey responses and make improvements where needed.


5. Adjust Tactics for Taking Care of Upset Customers

Some companies offer incentives for those who give positive reviews and then ignore the negative reviews that come in. So, if you conduct a customer survey and get plenty of complaints about people who needed help or recourse from your company and didn’t get it, take the opportunity to change your response tactics.

If you respond to and correct the situations that led to negative feedback, you could win those customers back and change them into loyal friends. You also show online visitors and shoppers that you care about their well-being and fix your mistakes when they occur. Consumers respect that kind of effort.


6. Brainstorm Rewards for Loyal and Happy Customers

Sometimes shoppers feel happy enough to just visit your business, take in the ambiance, and purchase your quality offerings. However, other shoppers may feel entitled to a rewards program because of their loyalty.

If you find requests for a perks program or similar incentive several times in your survey results, consider adding a reward for loyalty. You’ll build stronger relationships with your clientele if you have one.


7. Make the Purchase Process Easier for Your Clientele

Customer satisfaction surveys not only reveal what customers like or don’t like about your company. They may also show you where you can improve your website or purchasing process. If these elements of your company include too many steps or confusing instructions, your clientele might give up before completing their purchases. So if you see data that hints at too much complication, streamline your website or other features.


Customer surveys have more benefits than most people expect. Use your surveys to accomplish the tasks outlined above, and you could make your company more likable and successful than ever.


To learn more about Opinionmeter’s Enterprise Survey Solution, please contact Opinionmeter at 888.676.3837 or visit www.opinionmeter.com. And please share this with any of your colleagues who might find it of interest. Thank you.


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