5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Offline Surveys

5 Reasons to Use Offline Surveys - Opinionmeter

Data continues to be the fuel to drive this Information Age in which we are currently living. The more accurate the statistics, details and insights a company can gather, the more they can tailor products or services to suit their customers’ needs. This is why companies turn to surveys to regularly collect mission-critical data.

However, collecting data from surveys can be trickier than it first appears, especially when talking about wanting accurate data in electronic format from people in hard-to-reach areas. Survey takers are not always connected to the Internet, which can introduce complications for capturing and sending data back to the survey organizer. Smart companies look for solutions that can overcome this challenge—like the ability to use offline surveys, capturing the data at any time, but holding the results until they can be connected to the Internet and transferred safely back to the organizer’s servers.

Why is this important? Here are a few reasons why you should be using a solution with offline survey capabilities for your next campaign:

1. Collect Data Anywhere, Anytime

Regardless of where you may be or where your customers may live, offline surveys can be used. Have a trade show and not sure about Internet connectivity? Have employees in the field gathering data in locations far removed from cell towers? No problem. Offline surveys will allow you to gather the data needed from anywhere, then transmit once those survey takers are back in range of Internet connectivity.

2. Reach a Greater Audience

Pew Research Center reports that 15% of Americans still do not use Internet access. This number may be even higher when you factor in areas that do not allow one to connect. Other regions of the world have even higher percentages. With offline surveys, no one is left out; each person has a voice. And, within this otherwise unreachable niche, patterns can emerge. You might find a group that no one considered with deep needs not being met. Maybe assumptions were made about gender or a certain age group or location that offline surveys data suddenly contradicts. Offline surveys allow you to extend your reach to the complete target audience, yielding the complete response picture.

3. Get “Live” vs. “Remembered” Answers

Did you ever start writing an email then have the connection broken only to lose the entire message? Then start over, trying to recall what you wrote earlier? Ever need to write about an experience you had but when you get back to the office—only then trying to remember the details? Offline surveys eliminate such hassles, allowing the participant to write details in a steady, uninterrupted flow without racing to enter data while they have connectivity. They can capture the information at the point-of-experience (PoE) when their opinions and analysis is fresh.

4. More Accurate Answers

With the ease of use and greater flexibility of offline surveys, the opportunity for more accurate answers and thus, superior results, presents itself. They can find a number of quiet places to reflect upon questions and answers. Contrast that with an office space for example, when distractions and disturbances are common.

5. Flexible Submission

Offline surveys can be submitted any time—and typically in a variety of ways. Branching logic, for example, can help take a deep dive into reasons why a survey taker feels strongly about a certain question, uncovering much richer data than a quick live, online survey might. The possibilities for high quality information capture are there, but can only be accessed if the survey platform truly offers full-featured offline capabilities. (A word of caution here: make sure the survey platform you choose has the full spectrum of offline capabilities and not simply the standard Q&A capture functionality. Many providers talk about offline capabilities, but only a few have the right approach.)

The information gathered in a well-crafted offline survey can provide tremendous insights into customers, current and potential ones, but only when the offline capabilities are able to accommodate the needs of both survey designed and taker. The user-paced approach and drill-down branching logic found in leading survey platforms allow organizers to capture highly-accurate, actionable responses from the field that in-turn lead to more informed decision-making for the company.

The bottom line here—offline survey capabilities are a must. The potential data captured from this approach is absolutely critical. So, for your next enterprise survey project, make sure you are well-equipped with full-featured offline capabilities, and can take advantage of your survey platform to capture the data you need from the field.

To learn more about Opinionmeter’s Enterprise Survey Solution, please contact Opinionmeter at 888.676.3837 or visit www.opinionmeter.com. And please share this with any of your colleagues who might find it of interest. Thank you.

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