Market Research Companies Partner with Opinionmeter

Opinionmeter has signed licensee agreements with two new market research companies since the beginning of the year. This exciting news brings Opinionmeter to now 12 worldwide licensees across four continents.

Pugsley Surgenor Global Movie Services

These market research agencies have partnered with Opinionmeter because their clients are demanding real-time point-of-experience customer feedback.  These sophisticated market research companies understand the growing demand for mobile research technologies. Opinionmeter, who was awarded the patent for the original survey kiosk, has been an innovator in the mobile research technology space for 20 years.

Fast forward to a world of social media, user-generated review sites and blog commenting and everything in brand management and marketing has changed. In her book, The Groundswell (May, 2011, revised) Charlene Li discusses how the ability to post online has shifted ownership of the brand experience to the customer. Li says that management no longer owns the brand, but is simply a facilitator and caretaker of the brand experience.  While company management teams may still feel they own their brands, they also realize they are held publicly accountable by their customers in the online forums to provide the best possible experience. To this end, brand managers are requesting their market research agencies use sophisticated survey platforms to gather customer opinions and preferences at the point of experience.  Opinionmeter’s mobile research technology platform fits this need perfectly as it enables the capture of real-time “voice of the customer” feedback at the point-of-experience using their mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

These new partner market research companies have told us they preferred Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint mobile survey platform because it can be white-labeled and custom branded for seamless interaction with existing customers in any language, anywhere in the world. Additionally, Opinionmeter’s mixed-mode, cross-platform survey platform allows surveys to be authored once and deployed over a wide range of mobile devices and operating systems. Mobile devices include Android, Apple iOS and Windows operating systems. The Opinionmeter TouchPoint system supports native mobile apps for offline data capture as well as mobile web apps that don’t require an app to be downloaded. In addition to being experts in mobile survey apps, Opinionmeter’s survey solutions also support survey kiosks, mobile web, online and paper surveys.

Smart companies require this deep consumer insight because they know when they understand what motivates their customers; they are able to create web content and marketing pieces that directly attack the best loved attributes of their brand experience. This efficient, spot-on style of marketing can have a major impact on sales and revenue.

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Creative Ways Stores Are Using Mobile Surveys for Retail Marketing Research

Retail Marketing Research

The margin for error is slim. The tough business climate has forced organizations to do business smarter. Companies are scrutinizing product mix, supply chain management and more effective marketing research like never before. Smart retailers are seeking customer opinions to provide the shopping experience and products that are in demand. In today’s connected world, your customers expect to be a part of the process. They want to let you know about their shopping experience, preferences and the brands you carry. In-store customer surveys have become the tool of choice to secure this valuable market research.

Retail Marketing Research
New generation surveys rendered on smartphones or strategically placed survey kiosks provide organizations with accurate real-time market research gathered at the point of experience. While customer’s likes and dislikes change quickly, in-store surveys provide new tools to secure trends and measure opinions quicker and more accurately.

Here are a few innovative ways retailers are using surveys to measure and engage their customers while they are in the store.

    • Customers are encouraged by the store to submit feedback about product mix or brands using their smartphones via QR-codes to launch surveys while at the point-of-purchase. Customers feel they are a part of the process and therefore have increased store loyalty.


    • Customers browsing the aisles see a marketing piece with a QR-code that tells them they will get a reward coupon for submitting their opinion. Snapping the QR-code with their smartphone launches a brief one or two question survey and thanks them by providing a digital coupon.


    • Stores are setting up wall or stand-mounted tablet survey kiosks programmed with specific survey questions. These kiosks allow management to hear the voice of the customer at the point of experience in real-time. A simple open ended question like asking how was your shopping experience today can provide invaluable feedback.


  • Surveys are programmed with satisfaction alerts that trigger real-time emails or text messages to onsite management. This enables management to intervene and discuss a customer’s shopping experience even before they have chance to leave the store!

When considering survey platforms, it is important to find a solution that supports “Multi-Modality” so that a survey will render correctly on multiple device types with all responses processing to one database. Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey system processes responses on smartphones and tablets using native apps and mobile-web and also standalone kiosks and offline paper surveys. All responses are deposited into our award winning SurveyManager for store management to analyze trends and patterns.

For more information about TouchPoint surveys for your specific industry see the navigation menu above.

Touchpoint for Retail

Customer survey software from Opinionmeter is easy to use, cost effective and configurable for your specific needs.

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Opinionmeter Enters Canada

Beginning January 2013, Pugsley + Surgenor Advertising, Inc. will be introducing Opinionmeter’s customer satisfaction survey tools to the Canadian market. The overall management is in the hands of Bill Surgenor, Director of Data and Production who has been working with Canada’s Advertising Industry for over 20 years.

“We’re very excited about having the ability to help our clients capture fresh customer insights. Whether they are actionable on their own or used to augment the client’s data, the targeting opportunities will be remarkable”

“We are thrilled to be in partnership with such a solid, established and cutting-edge organization as Opinionmeter International.” said Andrew Pugsley, Partner, Chief Creative Director.

Real-time Customer Experience Management Tools

Opinionmeter’s survey software enables companies to improve business performance by capturing real-time, on-demand customer satisfaction survey data at the customer’s Point-of-Experience. All Opinionmeter products are web-enabled and remotely managed in real-time through the web-based SurveyManager application. “In today’s marketplace it is critical that companies know what their customers are feeling while they’re experiencing their brand, as soon as possible. We couldn’t think of a better organization to partner with than Opinionmeter International, to offer real-time, point-of-experience surveying. Our clients are very excited to get started,” says Katherine Surgenor, Partner, Director of Client Services.

Opinionmeter’s survey technology is built on an author once — distribute anywhere model. Opinionmeter’s latest generation mobile survey software is engineered from the ground up to be cross-platform capable. Having a single code-base that can run on multiple platforms provides Opinionmeter with enormous agility and ensures that our native survey apps can run on any device, anywhere in the world. “Our laser focus has always been to get as close as possible to the customer experience and enable customers to provide spontaneous feedback in an effortless way,” says Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter International.

Opinionmeter’s mobile feedback management platform is helping organizations of all sizes to gather real-time point-of-service mobile marketing research surveys. Opinionmeter’s solutions are widely used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, financial services, the public sector and higher education.

About Opinionmeter

Opinionmeter International is a leading provider of technology-based customer satisfaction survey tools, with an emphasis on in-store customer satisfaction surveys. Opinionmeter’s unique multi-mode, cross-platform approach provides the flexibility to distribute surveys to wherever the consumer transaction is taking place, capturing spontaneous consumer insights — this is what Opinionmeter refers to as the customer’s Point-of-Experience. Device independent, Opinionmeter can deploy its mobile survey apps onto a wide range of devices (including iOS, Android and Windows devices) providing maximum flexibility and device independence.
About Pugsley + Surgenor

Pugsley + Surgenor Advertising, Inc. is the creation of Andrew Pugsley and Katherine Surgenor; two of Canada’s most accomplished and long-serving professional marketers. With hundreds of satisfied clients, this award-winning pair has been at the forefront of every strategic and technological advancement in Canada’s Advertising Industry over the past 20 years. Firmly grounded in the discipline of direct and actionable one-to-one communication, Pugsley + Surgenor provides brand planning, creative excellence and execution with in-house data expertise across, all media. The agency is based in Toronto, Canada. If you’d like to learn more, reach out at

Retailers Use In-Store Mobile Surveys to Engage & Reward Customers!

Mobile technology has forever changed retail marketing. By 2015, 4.5 billion consumers will be carrying smartphones ready to engage and willing to complete in-store mobile-surveys.


In-Store Mobile Surveys

A “connected” consumer has access to powerful tools, making them smarter buyers. “Hijacked retail” and “show rooming” are a new phenomenon among consumer behavior. Consumers are now empowered by their mobile technology to use retail outlets as showrooms only to purchase online. Those businesses with a brick and mortar presence must find new ways to engage and delight customers who have less expensive online alternatives. Retailers are faced with the choice to either view technology as a threat, or utilize it as a strategic advantage to provide a better shopping experience and welcome the increased revenue that will surely follow.

Mobile technology has empowered retailers and customers alike with the tools to develop a deeper relationship and richer shopping experience. Now consumers can interact with their favorite retailers via social media and retailers can now gather primary research while the customer is inside their stores experiencing their products and services – all in real-time. The Internet and mobile technology has taken in-store customer engagement and in-store surveying to a whole new level.

These new modes of customer feedback allow retailers to make the shopping experience more appealing. In today’s world, customers expect to have a venue to provide feedback about products and also receive some sort of benefit or discount for doing so. In-store surveys are becoming the venue and real-time data collection method of choice for customers and retailers alike.

TouchPoint for Retailers from Opinionmeter provides customer engaging technology that is practical, cost effective and revenue enhancing. Consider the potential as a customer walks down an aisle in a retail store and notices a placard exclaimingGet Your Coupon Now! The placard also tells them to scan a QR-code with their smartphone. This launches a short survey with one or two questions created by the retailer which upon completion delivers a discount coupon the customer can use at check-out. This provides immediate gratification for completing an in-store survey which also affords the retailer with value market research.

Opinionmeter’s easy to use SurveyManager system allows retailers the ability to create short surveys pertaining to a product category. The retailer simply associates the survey with a specific product or category and chooses a discount coupon from a library of choices. In return, the retailer receives valuable market research from customers. This is information the retailer can use to make better merchandising choices which generally enhances profits.
This win-win situation is one way retailers can use technology like Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint for Retailers to grow their business.