What’s the difference between offline mobile survey apps vs. mobile-web surveys?

There seems to be a good deal of confusion between mobile survey solutions with online and offline capabilities. We’re finding a good deal of misinformation on the web with online survey companies purporting to have a mobile survey app, but what they really have is a mobile-web solution. Market research survey consumers need to understand the difference between the two. At Opinionmeter we provide both solutions but each serves very different purposes and each has unique advantages and disadvantages. In the table below I’ll outline some of these advantages and disadvantages for each survey solution.

Simply put, a mobile-web survey is an online survey running within a mobile browser. By definition, online surveys require an online connection and fail when connectivity is lost, or slow down when bandwidth is limited. Here is a link to a recent video tutorial on launching mobile-web surveys by scanning a QR code.


Unlike a mobile-web survey running in a browser, a mobile survey app is an application that is installed on the device. Being a native application residing on the device, mobile research apps provide many rich features mobile-web solution cannot provide This is because the mobile survey apps can access the operating system’s (OS) API’s which control functionality like accessing the device’s microphone (recording verbatim comments) or the device’s camera (for appending video or pictures to the survey), or tracking location services and time duration (GPS location of when and where the survey was taken).

Mobile survey app – offline survey app



Native app can access OS API’s for rich feature functionality such as microphone, camera, GPS, accelerometer, etc. Must first download the mobile survey app to use. This is perfectly fine for business users, but consumers need a compelling reason to download an app!
Much faster speed – no connectivity required to transition between pages
Offline survey capabilities – can function without needing connectivity
Customization – extensive customization available
Ability to White-label  survey app
Can distribute surveys in a myriad of ways: Push notification, Pull survey using survey code, or by Location services, etc.


Mobile-web survey – online survey optimized for mobile browser



No need to first download a survey app to use. Dependent on connectivity to work
Can use tinyURL or QR code to launch survey at Point-of-Experience Limited functionality  – no access to device OS or API’s for rich application features

Meeting and Event Planners using Opinionmeter Surveys to Engage Audiences and Capture Real-Time Attendee Feedback

The “WOW” factor is an elusive commodity that event planners try to capture. A new tool has evolved to help meeting and event planners survey attendees to find what experiences resonated and why.


Intercept surveys have always had a place in market research. However, Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint Mobile Survey Software used for launching custom surveys on smart phones and tablets has created new opportunities for capturing attendee feedback at the point of experience.

Event Planners Surveys

Event specific surveys are launched via QR-Codes strategically placed in printed collateral including programs and fold-ups at dining tables and other gathering places. Audience attendees simply scan the QR-code with their smart phone to easily launch a custom survey.


“Providing attendees the ability to conveniently launch custom surveys on their smart phone greatly increases the emotional accuracy of their answers. People have a very personal relationship with their smart phones and are more likely to be honest and forthcoming.” said Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter.


While smart phone surveys are popular, event planners also use Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey software on iPad kiosks to secure attendee input. Apple iPad kiosks pre-loaded with an event specific survey and are strategically placed so attendees can conveniently provide point-of-experience feedback. Event planners have told us they like how the iPad kiosks provide a high level of engagement and customer centric professionalism.


Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint is differentiated from the competition because it aggregates survey data from multiple sources such as survey kiosks, smart phones, tablets and offline paper surveys all into one database for reporting and data analysis.


Strickland further commented “Opinionmeter clients have found that being able to create of one survey and have it render on a variety of device types with all responses feeding into one database as extremely valuable.”


For more information about Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint survey software visit: Opinionmeter.com

Mobile Survey Apps in Four Weeks or Less!

Opinionmeter’s unique expertise is rooted in developing mobile survey apps that are cross-platform compatible. Our TouchPoint survey software currently supports all popular mobile devices including Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad, Google’s Android and Windows platforms all from a single code base.

Technology changes quickly with new devices and platforms arriving on the scene constantly. Our single code base approach allows Opinionmeter to adapt to technology advances quickly. When we want to add another platform, we simply recompile the same code base and account for some variations across platforms. This streamlined process now takes less than 4 weeks of development instead of 40 as in the past when we had to rewrite the entire code to run on a new platform! This approach allows Opinionmeter to be very responsive to customer requests and market demands.

We are also excited about independent app developers using our TouchPoint survey platform to create and embed mobile survey apps within their own apps. The TouchPoint SDK (Software Development Kit) provides a set of development tools that enable mobile app creators to embed our mobile survey app within their own apps.

Many organizations have IT departments that create their own mobile apps. TouchPoint SDK allows IT staff the ability to use Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint mobile survey software within their own apps as an added feature for market research and measuring customer satisfaction. Embedding the TouchPoint mobile app provides companies the ability to survey customers on their smart phones and tablets while they are experiencing the organization’s products or services. Sorting, counting, measurement and analysis of the customer survey responses is done within our secure and easy to use SurveyManager.

We have put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into creating a platform that is adaptable, nimble and meets the needs of organizations looking for efficient ways to conduct market research.

Airlines Using Surveys to Improve Operations and Passenger Experience

Opinionmeter International has announced a new airline industry application for its TouchPoint Survey Software. This new application has evolved due to airlines noticing that in-flight passenger surveys help them gain valuable “point of experience” market research data. Airlines are also using surveys to seek employee and pilot feedback to improve operational efficiency.


Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint mobile survey software allows airline management to easily set-up unique surveys with specific questions for different segments of their business. Passengers can access customer satisfaction surveys from their seatback touch-screens while flight crew and ground service personnel can provide input on mobile survey devices such as tablets or smart phones on workplace efficiency, training and safety.


“Airlines are becoming extremely focused upon understanding the passenger experience so they can improve customer service and seek feedback about additional services they can monetize” said Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter.


In-flight airline passenger feedback surveys accessed through a QR-code on smart phones, tablet or seat-back touch screen device can provide valuable customer satisfaction feedback. Survey questions can seek passenger feedback about check-in procedures, in-flight service or desired optional services that may provide an additional revenue streams. Surveys can also be used for passengers to rate in-flight service with response based trigger alerts for customer service staff to make contact if needed.


The airline industry is brutally competitive which means operations must be efficient. Opinionmeter TouchPoint mobile surveys allow flight crew and ground service personnel to provide information, feedback and suggestions at the point of experience which provide the information needed to streamline operations.


Strickland added “mobile survey software can help airlines secure information and feedback from operations that are spread-out over wide geographic areas. The information secured can help balance the desire to provide a great passenger experience with the need to streamline operations in such a competitive environment.”

Electronic Fight Bag applications include Pilot Survey app

Recently we’ve been inundated with requests from the airline industry for a wide variety of mobile survey solutions. These mobile survey solutions include applications for pilots, passengers, and simulated training environments.  We never thought there would be so many unique survey applications within the airline industry! The advent of mobile tablet computing like the iPad has enabled the airline industry to digitize the voluminous amount of paper that typically accompanies a pilot. I’ve heard that the legacy paper-based flight bag weighed upwards of 90 pounds!

Here are a few of the unique use-cases Opinionmeter has recently been working on within the airline industry:

1)    Capturing real-time flight input from Pilots to ensure they are operating within Processes and Procedures.  For example, how long was their last leg, how many minutes/hours of rest did they get between legs and is this within Policy.

2)    Manufacturers providing simulated training environments for capturing feedback on all related Airline and Airport Operations.

3)    Capturing key data points from pilots to ensure procedures were followed, when specific “events” happen in flight; i.e. flying in low visibility, etc.

4)     In-Flight Passenger surveys through the seat-back touchscreen devices. In-flight survey responses trigger alerts for staff intervention and service recovery.


Although we’ve been surprised with the wide-variety of mobile survey solutions within the airline industry, we foresee additional use-cases as well For example, we see interesting check-in survey opportunities where customers can provide spontaneous feedback while waiting in line or at the gate waiting to board. Needless to say, there seems to be endless survey opportunities within the airline industry, before during and after the flight experieince