Hotel Reputation Management Using In-Room Satisfaction Surveys

Hotels now using TouchPointTM In-Room Surveys to Reduce Negative Hotel Reviews.

Opinionmeter International has announced a ground breaking hotel reputation management tool aimed at reducing negative guest reviews posted online.

Like it or not there are hundreds of hotel review websites, not to mention social media venues where unhappy hotel guests can post about their experience. While we can debate the validity of user-generated hotel reviews, the reality is they are not going away. Hotel reputation management has thus become a necessary part of your marketing efforts.

TouchPointTM is an extension of Opinionmeter’s commitment to measuring customer satisfaction at the point-of-experience. TouchPointTM is an in-room survey system that allows guests the ability to use their smart phones to access hotel guest satisfaction surveys in real-time while they are experiencing the service. Any paper fold-up with a custom QR-code can be placed in each room, restaurant or service location (valet, spa, room service, etc.) for guests to access the survey when scanning the QR code with their smart phones.

Hotel Reputation Management

This is a copy of the printed fold-up the Bell Air Hotel in The Hague, Netherlands puts in each room

If a guest submits an unsatisfied response to a survey question, TouchPointTM will send a text message or email alert to the appropriate hotel staff, affording the opportunity to instantly intervene with the unhappy guest and take corrective action while the customer is still on the property. The goal is for responsive hotel managers to intervene before an unhappy guest can post a negative hotel review online, potentially reaching thousands of potential future guests. “With access to real-time customer survey tools, managers now have the opportunity to solicit feedback and instantly respond to service issues before an unhappy customer broadcasts their displeasure through social media,” says Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter.

Opinionmeter’s mobile phone survey software uses QR-codes to access custom branded, hotel specific surveys on smartphones and tablets. When a guest scans a QR-code with their mobile device, the browser automatically launches the hotel survey.Thebranded survey questions and alert notifications are custom created by management for each specific property in the SurveyManager – an easy to use feedback management platform.

In addition to using QR codes to trigger mobile-web surveys, Opinionmeter also offers native survey apps that run on iOS (Apple), Android and Windows devices. Popular uses for the native survey apps are for survey kiosks that can be stand, table or wall-mounted as well as mobile survey devices that can be administered by the hotel staff directly.

More information about TouchPointTM and other survey applications is available at:

Brand Management – How Retailers can be on a “first-to-know” basis with their customers!

Using in-store market research tools

Thanks to advances in mobile market research tools, retailers and service organizations now have the opportunity to solicit feedback, while customers are still in the store experiencing their products or services. With access to real-time in-store customer feedback, merchants now have the opportunity to solicit feedback and respond to service issues before an unhappy customer can leave the store and broadcast their displeasure through social media. Like it or not, user-generated review sites have become very popular and never has it been so easy for consumers to broadcast their displeasure with a brand. Brand management requires that consumers have the opportunity to provide instant onsite feedback to retailers and merchants. If a retailer can capture this feedback and be the first to know, instead of the last to know about issues experienced by their customers, they win on several important levels. Not only are they in sync with their customers and on a first-to-know basis, but they avoid always being in damage control mode, reacting to user-generated reviews or complaints that have make their way onto social media. Retailers now have the market research tools to be on an intimate “first-to-know” basis with their customers!

Today’s market research tools provide retailers with multiple modalities for gathering instant point-of-purchase feedback: either through mobile-web surveys (triggered by scanning QR codes from point-of-sale signage or strategically placed throughout the store and in the aisles). Other options include placing point-of-service survey kiosks or mounting touch screen survey devices at end-caps, checkout counters, or in-aisle. There are many mobile research options available to retailers, whether the retailer utilizes the consumer’s smartphone directly, provide in-store touch screen survey devices, or ideally – both!

As important as real-time in store feedback is, it’s only really the beginning of the process! The real fun begins with how the data can be implemented for actionable change – even in the moment. For example, smart survey technology can trigger real-time alerts that notify onsite staff responsible for the customer’s experience so they have the opportunity to intervene and respond to the service incident before the escalate to the social media sphere. This provides retailers with a huge advantage to catch the incident in the “bud” and deepen the relationship with the customer.