Introducing the Opinionmeter Blog!


We’re thrilled to be introducing the “Opinionmeter Blog” where we hope to create a forum for discussion and insight into everything having to do with customer feedback research and methodologies. We hope you will check in from time to time and contribute to the discussions as well as keep up to date with the latest musings from Opinionmeter contributors. We encourage you to participate and provide us with your input, insight and feedback!


Let us begin at the beginning: the genesis of Opinionmeter dates back nearly 40 years when Bob Strickland needed to collect consumer market research data for his MBA thesis paper.  He asked himself a simple question:  How can I automate the collection of all this consumer data I need to gather?  In that moment, the Opinionmeter concept was born.


Let’s fast forward to the early 1990’s when Bob’s son, Morgan Strickland, built upon his father’s invention to start a business and transformed the company into what is known today as Opinionmeter International. 


Throughout these years, Opinionmeter has evolved from capturing offline feedback using a programmable calculator (HP48) to the introduction of remote programming (via a dialup modem) for survey creation and real-time reports.  From here, there was the decoupling of the software/hardware – pulling the software into the cloud and engaging 3rd party hardware solutions.  And finally arriving where we are today – using the hardware clipped to an increasing number of hips – most recently, the Smart Phone. Opinionmeter technology now runs on a wide and every growing range of device types – from mobile phone to PDA to tablet to kiosk, as well as paper and online survey distribution. Opinionmeter’s approach is author once, distribute anywhere. 


In this spirit of iterating our way into whom we are today by utilizing emerging technologies, we will be monitoring adjunct industries/technologies and will be discussing how they may impact our industry with our readers as well.


Samplings of these are:  The smart phone market, social networks, tablet computer; Industries such as Healthcare, Retailers, Municipalities; and segments such as Consumer Insight, Patient Feedback, Market Research, and many more.


Please join us in this conversation and give us your own insights.  We look forward to conversing with you!