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Turn customer feedback and operational data into actionable insights.

A powerful platform to enable you operationalize actionable insights through proprietary real-time scoring

Over 9 million checklists, enterprise surveys and sensory ballots completed across multiple industries.

One powerful platform, three powerful applications.




Enterprise Survey Solution

Turn customer feedback into actionable insights. Eliminate guesswork by identifying clear faults and taking corrective action proactively.

Digital Checklist Solution

Enable you to collect consistent data, reduce operating costs, and identify and remedy safety and compliance issues faster.

Sensory Testing Solution

Go-to solution in the Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, & Cosmetics and Fragrance industries for data capture and actionable insights.

Powerful analytics and reporting engine for trusted results.

Standard & Custom Scoring enables insight in (organization/department) performance over time.

- Customize Checklist score based on question and response weight
- Standard risk, safety score, customer satisfaction, customer effort and NPS
- Benchmark and compare multiple locations
- Visualize results in a heat map and dashboard



In-app real-time activity assignment to enable users resolve issues quickly with corrective actions. FieldChecklist® has a powerful feature that enables users to assign and receive corrective actions in app.

- Create actions directly or based on response branching
- Assign to individuals or groups and send notifications in-app.
- Complete, re-assign, escalate, add notes and media
- Track open, in progress and completed actions in dashboard


Looking for a solution that will help you automate your reporting process? Save time and money with our accurate, flexible, custom reports

- Create your report with simple question and response selection flow
- Add text, charts, word cloud summarizing response results
- Automate your sharing to report groups set to your dispatch frequency

Join the list of thousands of customers who have trusted Opinionmeter over the years.

Take advantage of over 100 features to build, brand, collect, analyze, report and share analytics.

Build your checklist fast with our easy to use drag and drop template builder. Collect responses faster by showing only the pertinent fields based on previous answers with skip logic branching feature. Extend your brand to your online surveys. Customize your survey themes with logos, colors, fonts, buttons, and multi-lingual support including right to left justified.

Distribute directly to devices through push notification, email or public URL assign templates to single or multiple assets under single or multiple locations. Send reminders to users to ensure they complete checklists in a timely manner. As well as sending user to assign and receive corrective actions in app or from the platform.

Your workers truly can be your eyes and ears in the field by capturing photos, video, and audio to show the whole story of what’s happening on-site. Access checklists anywhere, anytime even without internet access. Increase accountability enabling field reps to collect a digital signature, time, date, and location stamps.

Share reports immediately or periodically through event-based alerts to respond to problems in the field in minutes instead of hours or days. Track multiple feedback channels in one interactive dashboard. Schedule your customized reports for automatic delivery by email in any format. Add text, charts, word cloud summarizing response results to automate your sharing at your own dispatch frequency.

Take your data anywhere with simple integration and maintain your existing workflow. Opinionmeter's platform easily connects to your analytics and storage tools. Whether you're using local drive, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, Tableau and Box

Use Cases

Food & Beverage

A multi-billion dollar global food & beverage company uses the sensory evaluation solution, SensoryPro®, to automate paper and spreadsheet-based sensory testing and evaluation workflows. SensoryPro® is currently being used by over 300 food scientists in 14 food labs across the US.


A Regional Environmental Company applied our FieldChecklist® solution where field engineers followed a verified list of actions at each site. In the event that a field engineer run into a challenge, through the FieldChecklist®, would supply real time data to commence action. This saves the company time and resources and insures compliance.


A National Retail Brand used Touchpoint® to measure customer satisfaction. Using our proprietary scoring system, the retailer went about to measure the same department in multiple locations and use those scores to set benchmarks and reward improvements over time.


A Healthcare Clinic was able to increase customer satisfaction at urgent care clinics by providing short surveys using the Touchpoint® application through kiosks. By increasing efficiency and improving service, these clinics were allocated more funding to service patients.

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