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OpinionmeterEnterprise Solutions for Data Capture and Analytics
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Opinionmeter International (OMI) is a leading provider of enterprise SaaS solutions for surveys and checklist-driven data capture and analytics. For the past 15+ years, we’ve been perfecting our platform and analytics features based on the real-life needs of our clients’ businesses. The result is OMI’s unrivaled suite of cloud-based survey, checklist, and sensory testing software/apps.


Now you can collect and analyze data in real-time so you can make the most informed decisions for your business. Our design team can show you how to digitize your paper or spreadsheet-based surveys, checklists, or panel ballots so that you can unlock your competitive edge by using the full suite of features our software offers. Our data analytics experts will work with you to create custom dashboards and reports with the powerful visualizations you need. Additionally, our software is compatible with all major browsers across all devices – desktop/laptop, tablet, and phone. We would love to help you decide which of our digital solutions is right for your company.




  • Customer Satisfaction / Experience
  • Patient Satisfaction / Experience
  • Visitor/Guest Satisfaction / Experience
  • Student Satisfaction / Experience
  • Employee Satisfaction / Experience
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  • Environment Health & Safety (EHS) Inspection
  • Field Audit & Compliance
  • Field Quality Assurance
  • Brand Merchandising Compliance
  • Field Inventory Audit
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  • Food Nutrition & Taste
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrance
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Our Omni-Listening Platform

Opinionmeter’s cloud-based Omni-listening Data Capture & Analytics Platform supports the company’s enterprise survey solutions (TouchPointWeb™ and TouchPointMobile™), digital checklist solution (FieldChecklist™), and sensory testing software solution (SensoryPro™). All our solutions are digital, mobile, and intelligent and work on all leading mobile devices and computers. Our platform is highly-secure, versatile, and user-friendly, and our team is continuously innovating and improving the platform to meet the evolving needs of our leading enterprise customers.



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“The Opinionmeter survey solution is one of the best investments PPMH has made to assess patient satisfaction. I continue to be amazed by the system’s functions and the support staff at Opinionmeter!”

~ Eileen LawsonPlanned Parenthood, Mohawk Hudson

“We love Opinionmeter and have found the surveys easy to manage. We deploy specific surveys for departments and providers and have placed them throughout our company.”

~ Carol LewisQuincy Medical Group

“The response from our staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Our leadership is delighted to have immediate feedback on our exhibitions so we can promptly assess and address our visitors’ needs. And Opinionmeter’s customer support team has been terrific!”

~ Kurt KollerPacific Science Center

“Opinionmeter has generated efficiencies and cost saving—especially during a time in our business where every dollar counts. Moving core enterprise forms to this digital platform has already unleashed value leakage in our EHS and Operations analyses groups to be more strategic in how and when we capture data. As regulatory and environmental reporting requirements become more stringent, the Opinionmeter software has become a key solution to capture and report our compliance. Throughout, the Opinionmeter team offered outstanding support and flexibility to ensure our transition to digital forms capture was a success.”

~ A Leading National Oil & Gas Company

“Opinionmeter’s advanced branching logic allows us to determine why someone rates us low on a particular question and enables our staff to problem-solve and therefore improve the customer experience.”

~ Russell AllenMarketing Coordinator, Vidant Wellness Center

“Allocating staff time to conduct surveys has always been a costly solution for us. With Opinionmeter, the device can be left unattended to gather information for as long a period as you wish. Analyzing is a snip, either uploading to the Survey Manager or directly inside Excel. Survey Manager is particularly good with instant graphical representation of data on line. I rather like the ‘winning survey’; feature, which we are using to recruit customers who fit the profile for Customer Focus Groups. Opinionmeter has proved a worthwhile addition to our toolbox on measuring customer feedback.”

~ Keith WoodhouseSouthampton City Council

“I found Opinionmeter to be one of the best mediums to capture the voice of the customer at the point of the customer’s experience. There is no easier or cheaper way today to capture customer data.”

~ A leading US bank

“We have found Opinionmeter to be extremely useful in supporting us with customer survey data in our client presentations. The client’s perception of the system has been very positive. Opinionmeter provides us with the precise customer survey information we need in a short space of time. The fact that we can display this customer satisfaction survey feedback in easy to understand graphs adds real value. The customer satisfaction survey information allows us to deliver high value reports, both to our clients and operations managers, to provide up-to-date real-time information on how the business is performing and to manage customer expectations.”

~ Roger GroocockSerco Leisure

“We have found the Opinionmeter to be a highly effective customer feedback mechanism that has given us real business intelligence.”

~ Gloria Segun-LeanNNB International Bank Plc

“They’re brilliant, it’s amazing how simple life can be made with one piece of software… they save an enormous amount of time… data entry is cut down to almost nothing… and it saves trees!”

~ Julie CassidyNHS West Lothian Healthcare

“The accuracy of interpreting information is just great… visually they’re very good and very uniform… they’re efficient and accurate… we can produce a report very quickly… they’re very visual and very user friendly. Opinionmeter’s meet our requirement to produce patient focus and public involvement information.”

~ Diane LoughlinNHS West Lothian Healthcare

“Not only has Opinionmeter helped us to understand the different wants, needs and desires of our existing user segments, it has also identified user segments that we never knew existed. Consequently we are able to target and position our food offers with more confidence and give more of our customers what they want, when they want it. Opinionmeter is therefore a key tool to drive sales and engage our customers towards retention.”

~ Howard AllenAvenance

“It is an excellent tool for seeing where you need to focus. All clients have been very impressed with it and the amount of information it has provided.”

~ Susan RoseAvenance

“Opinionmeters are used to measure customer feedback on very local and tactical issues. These are issues which we could not always previously research as the more traditional methods were not cost effective. The beauty of the Opinionmeters is they are fairly economical, easy to use and portable, so they can be moved from station to station.”

~ Jim MuirLondon Underground

“Opinionmeter’s Data Capture solution has enabled us to fully digitize our inspections and audits. Now we can run instant reports in real-time, even trigger action alerts directly from the field. Opinionmeter has helped us improve efficiency by over 50% in our safety and compliance operations, which equates to a lot of savings both in man hours and money.”

~ A Leading National Oil & Gas Company