Capturing Real-time Audience Feedback using Mobile Surveys


Learn how mobile web surveys can be used for capturing real-time audience feedback when attending theatrical productions or events. Audience members can provide real-time feedback using their own smartphones to conduct mobile surveys.


Hello. This video is a quick demonstration of how the Opinionmeter survey platform can be used for HTML5 mobile web surveys, so patrons attending an event or theatrical production can participate in surveys using their own smart phones.

So, I'm here in the survey manager, which is the back-end platform for Opinionmeter's system to author surveys, and I've created several surveys here, but the most recent is for A.C.T.'s production of The Suit. And I'll go over here and I'll edit this survey, and you'll see I've just created a few questions to give an example, an idea of how you may design or offer a survey for theatrical productions. "How many theatrical productions do you see a year?" is the first question. It happens to be a horizontally oriented multiple choice. We can have as many questions or as few questions as you wish in our surveys. They can be advanced branching, multilingual, you can include multimedia, there's really endless options.

So, this is a very simplistic representation of what's possible. And I've added a few other questions, some demographic information. I've even included some images a for male/female gender question, which you'll see in a moment. And, of course, we've added a video of the production the patron is about to see.

So, with the mobile web survey, you can distribute them in many different ways, and we'll get to that in a second. One is a QR code, which can be printed in the play bill or program, so when the patron is sitting in their seat prior to the show or during intermission, or even after the show, they can scan it with their phone, that QR code, they can scan it and immediately take the survey, which I'll show you in a second.

So, here in the Wizard, this is the Create Survey Wizard, how we author surveys, and there's five steps, and we're in step one, "Defining our Survey Questions." Then we can customize. And this is where we can brand the survey, and this is, I've created a skin called "The Suit," and if I customize that, I'll just quickly show you a lot of the controls you can use to color, changes the colors, the buttons, add logos, background colors, et cetera, et cetera. And then optional features, lots of options here. We can even capture the GPS coordinates of that mobile phone as it's taking its survey. We can add a redirect URL. You'll see here, I've just put in A.C.T.'s box office URL, but that can be anything you wish. Lots of different options here.

And then we can schedule the survey, we can distribute this by email to an email list, we can create, like I said earlier, a QR code, we can create a button on a website. There's lots of different distribution options. So, why don't we go ahead? I'm in the distribution module now. I'm going to click "Public," I'm going to generate a QR code. And let's just assume this QR code was printed in the program. The patron is sitting in their seat, has ten to 15 minutes before the show starts. They can bring up their phone, and I have my iPhone in my hand now, and I'm just going to bring it up onto the screen. I'm using an emulator. This is my actual real time iPhone, and I'm going to tap that scanning icon and aim my QR code scanner toward the computer and it'll automatically read that QR code. And then I can go ahead and launch that, and in real time, right now, it's going to download that survey we just created from the Opinionmeter servers.

And then you'll see, we've branded with the A.C.T. logo, we added an image of the production of The Suit. And this is just an example here. "Provide your feedback and win a backstage pass after the show." We could do all kinds of incentives. We could even have quizzes, different interesting ways to incent people to participate in the survey. That's just an example. So, I'm going to touch the "Start" button and it will progress through the survey.

Now, these colors can all change. Background colors, fonts, I just grabbed one of the yellow or orange, colors from the media assets of The Suit just as an example. So, I'm going to go ahead and take a few questions here, and there's only six questions. This is an example, again, of using images as buttons. I'm a male, my certain income level. This is an example of a slider, different kinds of question options we have in our system. And now we come to the video that we had added, and I'm just going to go ahead and click "Play." And while this is playing, you won't be able to hear me speak, so I'll just play it for a little bit.

[music 00:04:52 - 00:05:08:]

OK. So, I just paused that. It's about a minute and a half video, but you can put any video, or any number of videos as you'd want. You can either use video as an incentive to have them answer a few questions in the survey in anticipation of that video, or you can have a redirect after the survey to a video as a thank you for participating. There are all different kinds of ways to do this. So, I'm just going to go ahead and click "Next."

That concludes the survey, and now we're using that redirect back to a certain URL, which, in this case, is box office URL for A.C.T. So, it's going to sequence through the various productions there. So, I hope this was helpful to give you a quick idea of what's possible with HTML5 mobile web surveys, and those are optimized for smart phones. Now, having said that, Opinionmeter can also distribute the same survey in multiple channels, or multiple modes.

For example, we could have tablets, iPads, or android tablets circulating through the audience, or ushers having them after the show, or at intermission. We could have survey kiosks stationed in the bar area or the lobby area. And, as I mentioned, we also support online surveys, whether they're distributed by email, to subscriber lists, or on the website, as well as rendered right from the patron's phone, as we demonstrated here in this video.

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