TouchPoint Mobile Survey App in Offline Mode


Learn how to run surveys in offline mode. The TouchPoint survey app can run in offline mode or real-time mode.


In this tutorial we're going to focus on capturing survey data in offline mode and what do I mean by offline mode? I mean, well, offline. Meaning you have no internet connection and that's the beauty or one of the beauties of a native survey app opposed to mobile web survey solution because you do have the capabilities of recording data even when there's no internet connection available or even a compromised internet connection.

So the data is stored locally on the device until it's time you wish to upload it and sync it with the survey manager or you can set the privileges and settings in such a way that it will sync with the survey manager when it detects an internet connection.

So I have my iPhone right here projected onto my screen right above the survey manager and I'm going to select "return to my survey" and I'm going to go click next and then go through this survey. I'm actually using my iPhone as we speak and I'm just going to proceed through the survey and here's a "select all that apply question", "ranking" question and I'm just going through this to demonstrate the offline mode. And hit "submit."

So you'll see that the submit was very rapid and that's because the application detected hey, there's no internet connection so I'm going to store the data locally and return to my homepage. And you'll also notice here, upload data one survey's pending and that's because that one survey is now stored in the device and it's not been uploaded to the survey manager so I'm going to go ahead and return surveys. Let's go through.

I'm going to go back because you'll see here the badge and the badge indicates, it only appears when there's survey data that's stored on the device and this indicates there's one survey stored on the device that has yet to be uploaded to the survey manager. So let's go through and you'll see after we, I'm just going to skip through these questions, let's answer a few, and you'll see now quickly it resumes to the next survey and now it increments to two surveys pending.

So one thing you'll see is this is in green font and that's because this device actually does detect an internet connection because I'm using my iPhone and I've kind of tricked the system for this demo and if this device actually didn't detect any internet at all, this font would be in red color. But since it's green, I can go ahead and select it and upload that data. And so now that data has synced with the survey manager and is available for reporting.

So I just wanted to give you a sense of how the touch point survey app functions in the offline mode, looking for those badges and what they mean, looking for the little button that appears below here. The pending survey notification which is a button in itself as we just selected it and you can use that button to upload the data and that's really what this tutorial was meant to convey.

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