Record Images, Video & Audio within your Mobile Surveys


Learn how you can record images, video and audio recordings within your mobile survey using Opinionmeter’s mobile survey app.


Hello. This tutorial covers various methods of media capture within your survey instrument. What I mean is the ability to capture images using the device's camera whether it's a tablet or a mobile phone as well as video and verbatim comments in the customer's own voice using the microphone of the device. We also include in this category signature capture. If you wanted to capture the handwritten signature of a respondent, you could do that. You can even scan bar codes using the camera.

So here I am in the Survey Manager, and I have created media capture options. This is a simple survey I've created. I'm going to go ahead and edit it and show you what I've done.

When using the camera or any open-ended question type, you can capture images, video, verbatim comments, et cetera. Let me show you how that's done. I'm going to go ahead and edit this question number one. You'll see below in the options we have media capture. That check box is checked. We've left by default, picture, video, and audio. Kooaba API is for image recognition which is a unique application we won't cover in this tutorial. There are other tutorials for that.

If I only wanted to capture a picture, an image, and not video or audio, then I could only check that check box. But, let's go ahead and keep them all checked. I've gone ahead and typed in a simple question, text here, please use the camera or microphone to capture images, video, or verbatim comments.

Let's see what this survey question will look like on our actual device. Here I have a survey, this survey that I've downloaded to my iPhone. It could be any phone running Windows, Android, or iOS, but, for the sake of this demo, I've gone ahead and downloaded this to my iPhone.

You'll see here, "Please use the camera or microphone to capture images, video, or verbatim comments." If I select the first icon, this image icon, I'll take a picture, or a sound recording, or a video. Let's go ahead and select the first one. I'm just going to aim it towards my computer and take a photograph. I can go ahead and use that photo.

I'll take a second and record. Now I have a little thumbnail of the image I just took. I can tap on that and preview it. Even if I go forward in the survey, I can go back, or I can change that by taking another photo. I'm going to go ahead and click next.

Now, this question is, "Please use your finger to sign your name." I'm going to go ahead and do my signature. If I didn't like that I could hit the trash icon, this icon just below the field, and re-enter my signature, or I can go back in the survey and see the question that I'd entered prior.

Let's click next. There you'll see my signature below that I've already recorded. If I click next then, it's only a two question survey in this case, I'll submit it. That data is being recorded and uploaded in real-time to the Survey Manager reporting module. Let's go ahead and save this question.

I'll show you that second question here, question two, where I used the signature capture feature. Let me show you how that's done. The check box below, signature capture, if that's checked then the open-ended comment will know, okay, this open-ended comment is here for the express purpose of capturing a signature. That's as simple as that. I'm going to go ahead and save that question. This takes you through the four step wizard. I'll go ahead and click finish later.

Why don't we go ahead and run a quick report? I can show you how that data is captured since we did upload that data to the system. Let me remember. There it is. I tried to remember the name of the survey I just ran. I'm going to run a simple summary report.

We have two questions. Now you can look at the actual images captured. The signature is captured. If I click on the show detail button adjacent, then you'll see the actual image that I took. Let's go to the signature capture question and see what that looks like. I just click show details. Let's click on that. There is the signature.

We've just shown in real-time how you can capture an image as well as a signature and upload it into the Survey Manager reporting tool. It's the same if we were to capture video or verbatim comments, audio recording of the customer's comments in their own voice, which is a very powerful feature.

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