Previewing Mobile Surveys before going Live


Opinionmeter’s mobile survey platform provides several methods for previewing mobile surveys before going live. You can view a virtual preview online within the SurveyManager, or download the survey to the intended device in preview mode. When in preview mode, no data is recorded.


This tutorial covers the various methods in which you can preview your surveys on a device. Whether it's a mobile device or a standalone kiosk it doesn't matter.

You have various options available to you. I'm going to go up here into the survey manager. We're in the test account in the surveys tab. You'll see here the list of all my surveys. I've already started creating a new survey labeled Previewing Mobile Surveys.

You'll see under the action column we have among other icons, a preview survey icon. Now this gives you a simulation of the survey. It's a virtual simulation. It's not an exact replica of how the survey will appear. It is close enough and it is interactive.

However, if you want an exact look and feel of how your survey will appear on the device that you're using, because this happens to be an iPhone but you may be using an Android device instead, etcetera. The best way is to download it to the actual device in what we call preview mode. Preview mode allows you to go through the survey as though it was live but there's no data collected during this process. That's critical to know.

I'm going to go in here to my survey. You'll see the questions we've designed. I'm going to step through the different, the four steps of the create survey wizard here. You'll see the four steps. The next one is assign device and we'll go there now.

At the top of the assign device screen you'll see a check box, preview on device before going live. If you check that when you download it will not be in live mode but preview mode. It's as it indicates, it says,
"Note survey will remain in preview mode until this checked box is unchecked. Data is not recorded while in preview mode". That's critical to know. Obviously you don't want to be going live and accidentally be in preview mode and not collect any data. I'll show you how in the user interface on the device we make that almost impossible to happen.

Why don't I go ahead and download this to my device. I put in my serial number here. I could also put in my name or whatever credentials I want but I happen to know my serial number. Let's find my device, I put it in. I mis-typed. Three six five one eight, there we go. There's my device. I'll highlight it. Add selected contacts. There's my one device.

I could either push or pull this to the device. I'll go ahead and push it just for the sake of time. I'll go ahead and save this. Okay. Finish. Why don't we bring up my device here so you can see it on my screen. There's my device. There's my push notification. I'll go ahead and say okay.

I'm now updating this survey in preview mode on my iPhone. Let me just proceed through and start checking, previewing the survey and see exactly how it looks on my device. You'll see up here, you are currently in survey preview mode. No responses will be collected. This flashes in white and red throughout all the screens. We do that in an annoying fashion to make sure that you can't miss it because we would never want someone to think they're live when they're not.

I'm going through and looking at the various questions in my survey so I have an exact look and feel. I know exactly how it's going to appear. I can even hit the submit button but nothing has uploaded to the survey manager.

Okay. Let me reduce this and going back to the survey manager you'll see when we downloaded it to the device look at the status column. It says preview, not active. If this was a live survey it would say active like the one below it does. This is in preview mode. This also gives you a sense of, hey this is not yet gone live.

Let's say I'm happy with the way that previewed on my device. We'll go back into the survey by clicking the edit icon. I can jump to step three, the assign device screen. I can uncheck the preview mode check-box. Then just click save and finish.

Let me bring back up my device. I can go in here, I can also do a push notification but I'm just going to do it manually by entering in my password. Go to the admin console of the device itself. Click connect to survey, I'm sorry, connect to server which is downloading the live survey now. It confirms the name of the survey that's been downloaded. How many surveys have been downloaded since our application can accommodate more that one survey simultaneously.

Then when I exit and go back into survey mode we should no longer see that flashing indication up above here that we saw before which we don't. Now we are indeed in live mode collecting data in real time from the device because we did choose to go live. Now when we go ahead and do a submit you'll see it's actually updating the survey now.

Okay. That gives you a sense of at least the two modes in which you can preview. You can preview virtually by clicking the icon in the survey lists screen or you can actually download to your device of choice. Sometimes you have a variety of devices. Maybe you have an iPad, an iPad mini, an iPod Touch and an iPhone and you want to make sure that your skin is rendering correctly on all those different form factors. This is a good way to exactly know how it's going to look without question.

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