Opinionmeter CEO Discusses Company Focus


Morgan Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter International discusses the focus of the company on capturing real-time customer feedback from the point-of-experience – the true, spontaneous moment of truth when the customer is experiencing the product or service. There is no better or more meaningful time to capture real-time customer feedback.


Hello, my name is Morgan Strickland. I'm the CEO of Opinionmeter International. I wanted to take a minute or two and talk about our focus here at Opinionmeter. Everything that we do is really focused on one thing, and that is to enable our customers - businesses - to capture real-time customer feedback at the point of experience. By point of experience I mean fresh, spontaneous feedback from the consumer while they're experiencing the product or service. Not a week, a month, or even a day later, but right then and there. That is so critical. That really is the laser focus of what we do.

That in itself, that goal, has led us down some very interesting paths and into some interesting technological discovery. Most recently is the very exciting space of mobile research which is really becoming very disruptive and transformative for the more traditional market research industry. Our roots come from our being the original patent holder of the original survey kiosk. So, we've seen the evolution from the survey kiosk all the way to native mobile survey apps running on a consumer's own device. That's quite a continuum. It's been a very exciting journey and continues to be so.

Our development now is focused on leveraging our enterprise grade feedback platform that can manage multiple modalities be it online or offline survey solutions. But our primary focus now is the mobile research space and especially native offline capable mobile survey apps. Not to say anything against our mobile web solutions which are fantastic leveraging HTML 5, online surveys, our kiosk solutions, all of that. But our primary focus now is the mobile survey app space.

Our approach to that is to develop a cross platform capable codebase that can be recompiled and quickly leveraged across multiple platforms and multiple operating systems whether that's an Apple iOS device, iPod, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, a Windows device, et cetera. We really have a device agnostic approach so that we can be anywhere in the world at any time on any device. That's our specific technological challenge and mandate.

The backside of that is, like I said, our survey manager, which is our enterprise feedback platform, is capable of all these multiple modalities streaming in real-time data feeds from these devices whether they're online or offline or in real-time or in batch mode. That's really where we're primarily focused right now is mobile research space and continuing our cross platform and multi modality support.

So, it's a very exciting time here at Opinionmeter. I wanted to take a moment to share that with you. After all these years it feels very much like a startup here at Opinionmeter. So, thank you, I appreciate it. Be well.

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