Net Promoter Score Survey Design and Reporting


Learn how to design a customer satisfaction survey using the Net Promoter Score and calculate your NPS value.


Hello. In this tutorial, we're going to talk about the Net Promoter Score, otherwise known as NPS. And I'm in a demo account here in Opinionmeter Survey Manager, and I've already created a Net Promoter Score demo survey, and I'll go ahead and edit this and show you how this would look.

So I'm here in the Create Survey Wizard, and I've created a survey. It's an eleven-question survey, but in question seven you'll see Net Promoter Scores.

So this is a Net Promoter Score question. Let me go ahead and edit this and show you how we created it. The Opinionmeter Survey Manager has a Net Promoter Score question type, which is great because when you do your reports, it will automatically know, "Hey, this is an NPS question." And it will calculate your NPS score for you, which is really cool.

So we've selected NPS, or Net Promoter Score, as our question type. We've selected English as our primary language. We can deploy this in a display format of buttons on the screen, or a drop-down menu, or a slider, either way. I'm just going to go ahead and use the slider for now, because this is important. If you were going to deploy this to a mobile phone or a tablet, as well as an online survey, you may want to use the slider opposed to buttons, just because it takes up less screen real estate. You can select your scale. Zero to ten is the most common, but I've seen zero to seven as well.

Here's where you can put in your extreme labels, the left and the right far extreme options. So the left would be "Not likely that they would recommend," and the right would be "Very likely they would recommend you to their friends and colleagues." So let's go ahead and save that, and why don't we preview this?

So you'll see we have a number of options to preview. Since our system's HTML-file compatible, we can go PC browser, mobile phone, tablet browser, so let's go ahead and tablet. And we had a few questions before the NPS questions. Let's just skip through those really quickly. And by the way, these colors that you see in the Opinionmeter logo and the background colors and the fonts are all, you can customize that to your own branding within this Survey Manager.

So here we are. How likely would you be to recommend Opinionmeter to a friend or colleague? Very likely or Not likely? And you see you get a value of zero in the far left extreme and a value of 10 in the far right extreme. So that's how the interface looks.

Let's jump over to reports quickly and show you how our reports work. So let's go ahead and create a report. Well, I'm not going to create an analysis report. Let's show you here we have actually a special Net Promoter Score report.

And if I go to Create Report and select the survey I'm working with. . .Why don't we just use this one? Actually, let's use this one, because there's more data. And I can go ahead and run a summary of cross tabulation, trend, or compare locations if I had multiple locations of this survey, and it will calculate for me my NPS score.

So while that's rendering, let me. . . Oops, I didn't click it. There we go. We can talk more about the question of a Net Promoter Score. The most traditional is "How likely would you be to recommend your company or product or service to your friends or colleagues?" And like I said, the zero to ten range is the most common, and the far left are the detractors, and the far right are the promoters, and in the middle is the passive.

So you'll see here, this is an intermediate step when you're running a report to calculate your NPS score. You can drag this to wherever you want the system to calculate. And if you read the books on NPS, they recommend only nine and ten. If they score from zero to ten, which is actually eleven points, and eleven-point scale, they have to be nine or above to be promoters. It's pretty strict. Or six or above, six to eight to be passives, and five or below are detractors.

So let's see what this generates for us. And you can slide those to wherever you decide to, you know, have the cutoffs for the various detractors, passives, and promoters. So here we have a very small sample of ten.

This is a summary report, so it's giving us all the data in the entire survey. And here you'll see in question seven we have, based on where we put those sliders, nine and above for promoters, six, seven, eight for passives, and five and below for detractors, we had six, that's why it's green, six promoters. We had two passives and two detractors.

And you'll see that proven true here in the frequency column of the actual question. So that gives us a NPS score of 40. So that's nice. It gives you that calculation automatically, and that's the advantage of using the Net Promoter Score question type when you design your survey, so the system knows when it comes to reporting that, "Hey, this is an NPS question, and now I can use my calculations to derive that NPS score for you automatically."

So that's a quick overview of how you can design your survey using NPS and also run your reports using the NPS score calculator within Opinionmeter Survey Manager.

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