The Full Cycle – Authoring, Distributing & Reporting with Mobile Surveys


This demonstrates Opinionmeter’s mobile survey solution by going through the full cycle of authoring a survey, downloading the survey to a mobile device, completing surveys on the device and uploading the data in real-time for reporting and analysis.


In this tutorial we're going to talk about what we refer to as the full
cycle which is creating or editing a survey in the survey manager which is
where we are right now. Downloading that survey to a device. Taking a few
surveys on that device and then uploading that data back into the survey
manager for reporting and analysis.

I have my iPhone here with a survey on it. I'll just bring it up onto the
screen. This is a real time survey app running on my iPhone. Our system is
a multi-mode or multi-channel system which can offer once and distribute to
all different kinds of modalities. We just happen to be using an iPhone
survey app for this demonstration.

I'm just going to click the next button and show you we have just a one
question survey using the mapping question in this case. I'm going to go
back to the home page. Let's go in and change the survey.

Let me just reduce this. I'm going to go in and find a survey sample iPhone
and let's search for that. I think I have a few. Yeah, I have a few
surveys. Let's go ahead and just edit this one rather than creating a whole
new survey.

You'll see here we're in the wizard now. Step one defining questions,
customize, assign and optional features. I'm just going to jump into step
three and assign this survey to my iPhone.

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