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In this video tutorial you’ll learn how to design and distribute mobile surveys to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. To learn more about Opinionmeter’s survey app for the Apple iOS platform visit


Hello, and welcome to the tutorial for creating mobile surveys for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. We're currently logged into a demonstration account, and I will go up above the yellow bar here to the survey tab, and select Create New Survey from the sidebar. I'll go ahead and use today's date as a survey name, and select from the variety of survey destinations available from Opinion Meter and we'll select the iPad, and you'll see here we've added iPad, iPod, and iPhone as additional survey types.

Now we can create a new survey by clicking Save and start building the survey instrument from scratch, or we can clone any existing survey we wish. I'll go ahead and grab a sample iPad survey here, and click Save. Now what's happening now is this is preloading a survey that previously had been created instead of starting from scratch to build it. So we enter a four-step wizard, and here we are in Step One, Defined Questions, and as you can see, I'll scroll down and show the various question types that were preloaded in that sample iPad survey that we cloned.

So there are eight questions to this survey, and you'll notice adjacent to each question, it tells you the question type. This particular one is a matrix ranking, whereas this is an open ended multiline question type. And to the right of each question type, we have a drop down. We can add a question before or after this existing question. We can edit this existing question. Define language is branching in skip logic, or we can add multimedia. So I'm going to add a question after this one. So I'm going to click go. So this will in essence be our second question, because it's going to be placed after the first question. And this screen is the main screen you used to create your survey questions and build the survey instrument. So just to explain some of the areas here, at the top we can select the question type we wish to use, so if I wanted just to use a multiple choice horizontal.

Now I have a variety of display formats. I could use button, drop down, and slider. Let's go ahead and use the slider. And now you'll see the screen is adjusted somewhat. It gives us down below here left, center, and right labels to select that will appear above the slider, these are optional, but we recommend using them. We can also go ahead and use a preexisting scale if we like. So I'm going to go ahead and use a seven point, zero to seven actually, an eight point scale, and I'll type in my question here. How would you rate service received today? Now I can go ahead and type as I did or I can select from our question library or if I like this question, and think I will reuse it, I can go ahead and add it to our library. And each account has its unique library, and each account comes by default with an existing library to get you started, but you can edit your own library as you go.

So just to show you what the library will look like, I can go ahead and select any library of categories and within categories groups and within groups, questions, and if I select one of these it will auto fill into this field. So I've selected already from a zero-to-seven scale and below it, I will go down and enter my labels, left would be Very Poor and right, which would be the far extreme, Excellent, and I can either leave the center blank, or if I want to go ahead and put a neutral or some other description, you can. I'm also going to require that the respondent answer this question so that they can't skip the question. So I'm going to go ahead and click Save Question, and now you'll see we have as Question Two now, How Would You Rate the Service Today, zero to seven. And the red asterisk indicate that it's a forced question, and I'm going to scroll down and show you at the bottom of each step in the preview or in the Create Survey wizard, you can either Preview, Save to continue through the wizard, or just Finish Later and you can pick up where you left off. So I'm going to click Save. And now I'm in Step Two.

This is where we can create our skin or theme and brand our survey as it appears on the device, use our own corporate logo, corporate ID, colors, etc. So I can create a new skin, customize this skin, and I'll just show you the controls on the screen. There are quite a few controls where you can have a background color or image, select your own logo, each of the circles are color pickers where you can create your colors, your buttons or backgrounds, select your fonts, fonts sizes, etc. And there are some call out here to show you where on the screen these controls take effect. So I'm just going to go back, rather than taking the time to build a new skin, I'll just use this preexisting one that's already here, and there's Introductory and Thank You screens which are HTML editors where, and these are optional, you can include a message at the beginning of your survey, like an introduction message describing what the survey is about as well as a thank you screen. And we start you off with some basic text in here that you can go ahead and customize it and use the HTML editor to further customize the look and feel.

So I'm going to go ahead and proceed. I'm going to go to Next and this will take us to Step Three in the wizard, Assign Device. Now here we have actually three different ways, as it says, How Would You Like to Distribute Your Survey? You have three options: As a private survey distributed to those devices within your account; running the touch point mobile app, which is for business-to-business; or as a public survey that any consumer with our B to C app loaded on their iPhone, or iPad, or iPad touch can participate in or both, and here we have radio buttons, so if I select Private, you'll see the screen adjust accordingly, and if it's Private, all I need to do is go to my address book and assign the survey to those devices that I have already registered to this account, or if I go public, I can go ahead and assign this survey to any device, even outside of our account that searches for our business name or survey ID, or just looks for surveys around wherever that consumer is at the present time, using our GPS capabilities in the app.

We can identify multiple locations if our store has multiple locations. We can upload our logo so the logo appears on the consumer's app, where they can select the logo of the business. We can also password enable this survey if we wanted to. We can also, by default, a public survey only allows the consumer, the user to answer it once. But if we did wanted to allow them to answer surveys more than once, perhaps it's a unique situation or you're using the application in a vertical approach like Mystery Shopping, etc., you could go ahead and check this check box, and it will allow more than one completion. And another nice feature we have is you can also distribute surveys as e-mail to e-mail those customers within your address book or as push notifications to arrive on the mobile phones of those users who have opted in to receiving invitations for surveys from your business.

Now if I select Private and Public, you'll see both sections now on the screen at the same time, private surveys above as well as public surveys below. So for the sake of simplicity, I'm just going to assign or distribute this survey we created as a private survey so that means it's only going to go to those devices registered to my particular account. So I'm going to click on the Address Book, as it says here, "Use your address book to assign surveys to multiple devices, to begin select the address book button below." So I'm going to click Address Book, and whatever addresses are in my address book belong to my particular account. I can select them all or I can search for those by serial number or GPS coordinates or contact details if the people who have devices registered to my account. So I'm just going to go ahead and grab these two devices, and I'm going to assign them this survey to these devices. You can also see by clicking on the way points where these devices were, when they were registered, that's interesting information. So here this way point gives us the information as to where exactly this device was with its longitude and latitude, and when it was registered, or the GPS history gives us the history of all surveys taken on this device and where they were when they were taken.

So I selected the boxes. Now all I need to do is click Add Selected Contacts, and it will auto fill for me in my tool box, which is where the survey. Now you'll notice, it only included one because the two serial numbers that I selected were the same contact so that's just a check we have in the system. So I can either select a location or if not, it will just use a default mobile location. I'm going to click Save, and you'll see the popup telling me just that. If you will not select any location, then the system will take default location as the mobile survey for this private distribution. So I'm going to click OK.

And now we're in Step Four where we have a number of optional features. I won't spend much time here because we've covered this in other tutorials, but we can set question time out, which is the timeout for each question in the survey. Let's say you're taking a survey, and you want it to timeout after a certain period of time and start at the beginning, and register it as incomplete. This is only used for the business-to-business application, whereas for business-to-consumer, we don't want their surveys to timeout. They may get a phone call in the middle of the survey and want to resume that survey at a later time. So by default, if this were a BC or distributed publicly, this would be by default no limit. But I'm going to leave this for 45 seconds, and click Save, and then Finish, and we have completed the four-step wizard for creating a mobile survey distributed to our ISO devices, the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

And you'll see here at the top of our list now, we have the survey name created, the account we were in when we created it, and the date, the type, we selected iPad, and you'll notice the asterisk, it indicates is a private mobile survey, and the red asterisk would indicates it was a public. Now if we did both public and private, you would have a blue and a red asterisk adjacent the device tight. Now if I wanted to preview the survey, which I could've done during the survey creation wizard, I could just click on the icon, and it will go ahead and show me a WYSIWYG, what you see is what you get, representation of this particular survey on the intended destination device, so you'll see here, we'll have an iPad showing me the first introductory screen that I selected. Now if I click Next, I can go ahead and step through the survey just like it would appear on the actual device. So this is quite helpful especially before you distribute the survey preview, how that survey would actually look on that intended device. So I'm going to go ahead and click on Close.

And this concludes the mobile survey tutorial for creating mobile surveys to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

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