Using Image Recognition within your Mobile Survey


Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint app now supports image recognition using Kooaba’s API.


In this tutorial we're going to talk a little bit about using image recognition software within our TouchPoint Mobile Survey App. Now, I'm here in the survey manager, and I've created a very short one-question survey called "Using Image Recognition Feature". I'm going to go over here to the Edit icon and click Edit and show you this question, which is just an open ended question that I've created.

You'll see here when you do have an open ended question within our mobile survey app, you have the option among many features to capture media, and you can capture pictures, video using the camera of the phone or iPad. By the way, we support iOS as well as Android, and soon Windows Phone as well. Or use the microphone to record audio or verbatim comments from customers.

But here is the new feature. We've added an API using Kooaba's image recognition software and they're a web-based tool. We've integrated their API so that when you take a picture from, let's say an iPhone or an Android phone, or a tablet, the image you're taking can then be confirmed through the Kooaba API. It goes out to their website and either confirms or not whether that image is recognized from the library that you've created.

So I'm going to jump up here to the Kooaba site and I've taken a picture just recently of a vitamin C pack as an image that we're going to recognize or not within our survey application. So you can go into the Kooaba site, create an account, upload whatever photos you want to reference and verify when you are submitting images through our application and they'll either be recognized or they won't.

So, let's jump back to the survey manager, and I'll just go ahead and save this. I'm going to share my iPhone here. I've just got it. Let me scale this down. This is my actual iPhone that I'm emulating through Air Serve, and you'll see I'm going to click the next button. You can't see my fingers, obviously, but I'm just using my iPhone to progress through. This particular question is an open ended question.

As you saw we've only enabled the picture or the photo media capture, so that's why you only see that one icon opposed to video and audio, etcetra, in this media bar below the open ended comment field. So I'm going to go ahead and select that, and I'm going to hover over this picture that I took. I'm going to take a snapshot and say, "Use photo." So this is the same picture that I uploaded to the Kooaba API, and it's going to either be recognized or not, and it did.

So, it says "Morgan" here, because in the Kooaba site I used that as my reference ID right here. So, whatever you put in your reference ID will acknowledge the fact that this was recognized in our application, as well as be recorded in the survey data and any raw data outputs you may make. So that's how this particular feature works. We've just uploaded the data here, and then I can jump into the reports module.

Let me reduce my iPhone off the screen, and here we can run a quick report just to show you also how our back-end works. So we did image, I think it was image recognition. Let's see. What was the name of that survey? Oh, "Using Image". Okay. Sorry about that, folks. Let me create that report again, and I'm just going to jump using... There it is. Okay, so we have nine total. Eight complete. One incomplete. Let me run a quick summary report of just this one-question survey.

You'll see here in the show details, it will come up with any images that we've recorded. So, here on the 4th of October at 5:20 p.m. I recorded this image, and sure enough it's the image that I took in the survey and recognized by the Kooaba API. So that is how the image recognition API works within our offline survey app, known as the TouchPoint Mobile Survey App. It has many interesting applications.

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