Limiting the Maximum Allowed Responses for Survey Questions


This Opinionmeter tutorial shows you how to set the limit of the maximum number of allowed responses for customer satisfaction surveys when using Choose All that Apply question types.


In this tutorial we're going to be discussing how to set the maximum limit of allowed responses for a select all that apply a question type. And we're here in our demo account in the survey module area and I have just added a question to an existing survey. So why don't we go here and edit this question, take a look at what I've been working on.

So I selected a choose all that apply question type and I created a sample question, "Please select the top three California camping destinations." And then I've included in the response area multiple options, multiple responses. And you'll see below here in the optional area the check boxes available, we have the maximum number of responses allowed and if you check that check box then you will have in input box here where you can indicate the maximum number that you want to respondent to be able to reach before they are prompted that they've exceeded that limits.

So this is basically how you use this option and if I go now to go ahead and save this and now I can preview the survey, and again I'm just using an online survey here as an example, but as with any of our surveys you can dish reviewed them as online for off-line, mobile web, off-line mobile survey apps, kiosk surveys, et cetera since our survey manager is a multi-modality system, so you have all of that flexibility.

So this is just an online survey for illustration purposes and I'll just go ahead and select an option in question one. And let's say my favorite three camping destinations in California are Tahoe, some of the emigrant wilderness and let's say I try and select the fourth you'll see here in this I just happen to be using Chrome browser, it tells me that I'd reached the maximum number of allowed responses for this question and one I select okay it deselect that fourth option. Only allowing the top three in this case.

So I'm going to just go ahead and click next and it allows me to include that survey. And again we're in preview mode. So that is really how simple it is to set the maximum number of allowed responses for a choose all that apply or select all that apply question type within opinion meters survey manager application.

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