How to White Label your Customer Surveys


In this video, you’ll learn the difference between branding and white labeling customer surveys. The tutorial steps you through how to white label the SurveyManager (web-based survey platform) as well as the TouchPoint mobile survey app.


In this tutorial we're going to be focusing on white labelling. White labelling is distinct from branding, because within your survey design you can brand a survey with customizing the skin, the logo, and all that. But when it comes to white labelling we're talking about white labelling the application itself not just the surveys running on that application.

As an example, let me just bring up an iPad. Here is my iPad. I'm within a survey. Let me click the next button, then select a response, and click the next button. You'll see the Opinionmeter logo at the top, and our color theme, and the color of the buttons and the background. That's all controlled within the skin.

But let me go back to one of the application screens like you see here or the info screen that you see there. The logo that appears here, I wouldn't say hard coded, but it is a different layer in the application. That's what we're talking about when we talk about white labelling. We can also change the logo so that the application is white labelled to your corporate ID, so that's the scope of this particular demonstration.

So, back into the survey manager. Let's focus on white labelling the survey manager, then we can get into white labelling the device later. To do this I'm going to go into the user management module, go to the side bar and the menus, and the bottom menu is customize branding. You'll see here we have some options. We can first select whatever account we're working with, and if this were an enterprise account with multiple sub-accounts you can identify and isolate their white labelling separately and individually. So, you can separate that out. It's good to know.

I can view the logo and delete the logo. All survey manager accounts start with the Opinionmeter logo by default. Let's say we want to change that. We would first delete it. Then we would choose a file. I'm going to go ahead and grab this file here. It will tell you the file types and size dimensions that you need to make sure your images fit within. Let's say I also want to change the header bar to a different color. So, I can go in here. If I knew the hex code I could just type it in. Or, go to the color picker wheel, and let's just change it. I can also change the text that appears in the footer bar and the logo that appears in the footer bar. That's where you would do that - here in these two input fields. Let's go ahead and click save.

You'll notice nothing changed. The reason is when it comes to white labelling you have to log out and log back in. That's important to remember. It's the only feature in our entire system that requires that. Let's just login to this account, and enter the password. Then let's login. Now you'll see we've changed the green to yellow, and the logo is also changed.

So that's how we can customize the white labelling of the portal itself, the survey manager feedback platform. How do we do this on the device side? Let's go on up to the device tab, go down to the side bar menu, and I'm going to go to the white label menu. You'll see here, again, we would select our account and then we can select whether it's a phone or a tablet because they take different image sizes. That's the only reason that they're culled out that way. Also, by the way, you can input your e-mail address that you would want to, let's say, here, this button, send feedback. Right now the default it goes to, but you can put in whatever e-mail address your organization would like the app to go to, those e-mails to go to. This is where you would do that.

Let's say we want to change our logo on the tablet, and this happens to be a tablet I am using in the demonstration. I'm going to go in and select this logo. I'm going to open that, and it confirms the file extension. I'm just going to reduce this for a second, and I'm going to save that. We get a confirmation. I'll bring back up my device. Let's go login to this account, because we have to do a connect to server to synch with the server to download the changes. I'm going to do a connect to server. Confirmation. Go back. Sure enough, the Opinionmeter logo now has changed to the new white labelled logo. You'll notice it takes place in all the admin screens, not just the login or return to my survey screen. Now, if we had changed our e-mail here in this field whenever a customer sends feedback it would go to that new e-mail address.

That concludes the white label tutorial. As we mentioned at the beginning, you can white label the back end web based portal, which we call the survey manager, as well as all of your devices on any of the admin screens that appear on the device app. By the way, the white label demo, this name here, is controlled by whatever name you give your account. So that, of course, is also able to be modified and controlled by yourself.

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