Hiding Survey Responses within live customer surveys


In this Opinionmeter video you’ll learn how to hide survey responses and survey questions within live surveys (after they have been published). This helps avoid redesigning your survey when needing to eliminate responses or questions from your survey instrument. The video also discusses how to automatically alphabetize response lists.


Hi, in this tutorial we're going to talk about how you can hide responses, as well as hide questions in live surveys. We'll also touch upon how you can also alphabetize the ordering of response lists. I'm here in the survey manager in our own test account in this survey's tab, as you can see. I've already created a hide respond, an online surveying labeled high responses, and let me just go in here and edit that, and I'll show you, go to the wizard in the define questions steps, step one of the five step wizard. You'll see here in the first question I have created a list of names, and this of course can be a list of anything, but let's say it's a healthcare facility, and you're asking what doctor the patient is here to see, or a financial institution, what teller or representative did you meet with or serviced your needs today.

And so I'm going to go in here and edit this question, and show you how, let's say this survey has been running for three months, and one of the doctors left the organization, or one of the bank teller has left the organization, you don't want to have to recreate your survey to just remove one name. This way you can go in and hide a response. So we'll go ahead, oops, and edit this question here, and I am going to hide Russell John. So I'm going to go in and hide response, and you'll see the screen updates, and it gives us and HD which is the acronym hide response, and I just, like that adjacent, the name I want to hide.

I can also alphabetize responses which I had already checked. So that after Russell's removed, the list will re-alphabetize, which is a nice feature to have. You can also hide the question. Let's say you have a 10 question survey, or a 100 survey question survey, and you want to remove, or hide, a few of those questions without having to redo the entire survey. You can go in here and check hide question, and that will automatically hide the entire question from appearing in your survey. And of course with any of our surveys, you can distribute this as an offline, or an online survey to a mobile web browser or our native survey apps running on iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

So since our system does support multi-mode, when you do it here, you can also apply to any of your distribution methods in the survey. So I'm going to keep the question, I'm not going to hide the question, I'm just going to hide that one response, and before we do, well, let's go ahead, I thought I had already saved this, but let's go ahead, and I'll save this, and I can actually preview at any point in the wizard, so let's go ahead and preview, and it shows me I can either preview this on a PC broswer, or a mobile browser, or a tablet browser, and our mobile and tablet browsers are fully simul-5 capable, very rich feature functionality there.

Okay, I'm going to preview this right here on my PC browser, and you'll see Russell is not longer in the list of question one, and it did alphabetized the remaining responses correctly. So why don't we close this, I'm going to go back to question one, I'm going to edit this again, and I'm going to bring back that hidden . . . let's say Russell John came back from vacation, now he's back in the organization, I don't want to hide him anymore, I'll keep alphabetized responses on save, and I can preview again. And if your survey is live, this will update in real time to any live survey you have already published. So let's preview again here in our PC browser Option, and now we see Russell John, who given R is the last uh, to be in the alphabetized listing sequence of question one.

So quickly we have, just to review, we have gone over how you can hide a response, or more than one response in a live survey, that's already been published, you can choose to, if you wish, to re-alphabetize that response list afterwards, these are mutually exclusive, so you can alphabetize your list and not hide anything, of course. And you can also, we didn't do this, of course, but you can also hide the entire question if you wish. And again, let's just show you the UI here, these interface there so hide response, check box at the bottom, hide question, and alphabetize.

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