Author Once, Distribute Anywhere: A Multi-Channel Survey Platform


This video demonstrates Opinionmeter’s cross-platform survey solution supporting multiple modalities from offline survey apps to mobile-web to PC browser interfaces. Now you can maintain the same branding consistency across multiple platforms and modalities.


Hello. In this video we're going to talk a bit about the multi-mode capabilities of the Opinionmeter System, and multi-mode means multiple modalities, and modalities means methods of distributing or publishing your surveys. In Opinionmeter's case, we have a cross-platform capable system where truly you can author once and distribute your surveys anywhere, whether that be surveys optimized for a mobile web browser, or a PC browser, or surveys that you want to run on devices like an iPad, or Android tablet, or a smartphone. We have native apps written for specific operating systems. We currently support iOS devices, Android devices, and Windows 8, and Windows phone devices.

So the idea is you can create a survey once, as I said author once, and distribute anywhere and have a consistency across all the modalities, and that's critical for your brand consistency as well as the respondents' experience and quality of user experience.

So here I am in a test account. I've created a very simple eight question survey with a variety of question types just to give you a sense of the UI. Then my plan here is to show you how this survey will appear on a native app, and I have my iPhone with me, and I'll bring that up right now. I'm just using AirServer to emulate.

So this is my actual iPhone I have in my hand, and I'm going to go through the same survey first using my iPhone, and then I'm going to show you what that same survey would like in the browser on my iPhone, what we call mobile web for mobile web browser, which is basically an online survey optimized for a mobile web environment. And then we'll look at what that same survey will look like in a PC browser.

So here we are. I have my phone in my hand. I'm going to click the Next button and start taking this survey. Question one of eight, basic age. Now we have another closed-ended question, but a picker wheel. Another picker wheel with a ethnicity question, and I think we have next, yes, an education question. Here's a choose all that apply question. Here's a ranking question where I can drag in order of preference and rank my options.

Next we have an open-ended question where I can type in or I could record video, record images, or record a verbatim sound recording for if a respondent wanted to speak and record their verbatim comments.

So I'm going to click Done. Then here we have a slider question, and I believe that's the end of the survey. This is in real time uploading to our Survey Manager, and then the reports are available in real time. So that's the native app.

Let me reduce this. Well, actually I don't need to reduce it. I'm just going to close the app, go to my desktop, and before that let me bring up the distribution option here in this survey we created, and let's make it a public survey. Let's generate a QR code just so I don't have to type a URL then.

So I'm going to click on the enigma icon right here, which is a scanning utility, and you'll see me do this. I just scanned that QR code. It was so fast you didn't see it. Let me just go ahead and launch this survey in my browser.

So here's the same survey that I scanned that QR code from, and as you can see there's a browser bar, browser field at the top, that's the only difference from the user interface we saw in the actual native app. So here I'm going to take my finger and click Start, and here's the age question, here's the picker wheel we saw for the gender question, ethnicity question, also a picker wheel. My battery is running low. Education, here's the choose all that apply question. You see how similar it is. It's actually identical.

We've gone to great lengths to keep that user interface identical across all the modalities that you're using. What you're seeing here with the yellow bars, the yellow options, the yellow buttons, the font, all of this you can modify. This is what we call a skin. Here's the open-ended question. So you can control all the colors, fonts, buttons that you see. So this just happens to be one of our default skins.

So I'm going to click Close, and this too is in real time, assuming your device has Internet connectivity. That's one of the advantages of an offline native survey app is you can run in offline mode or online mode, whereas, obviously, any online or browser based survey requires Internet.

So we had a redirect to our homepage. That's why it came back to this page.

So let me reduce that emulation, and now let's see what that exact same survey is going to look in a PC browser. So I'm going to go up here, and here's the same survey, but within a PC browser. I'm going to click Start. Here's our age question. Picker wheel. Now you can have a picker wheel or not. You can have drop-downs, picker wheels. I just wanted to show you for the sake of consistency how you can have it identical, the survey interface identical across all your methods or modalities. So I stuck with the picker wheel for that reason.

So here's my ethnicity question, education question. Here's my choose all that apply question, and here's our ranking question, and obviously the open-ended. We don't have the camera and the sound recording icons here, because this is a PC browser, and my PC doesn't have sound recording set up. Here's the slider question.

So you see the consistency is identical no matter whether you're using a native app or a mobile browser or a PC browser. We've gone to great lengths to keep that consistency so your customers have the same experience wherever they're taking their survey. A customer may start a survey on a mobile device and conclude that same survey at home on their PC browser. Or they may start a survey on a native app running on a tablet and conclude that survey on their mobile phone in their browser, and we've gone to great lengths to keep that consistent for you.

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