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Tablet mobile devices like the iPad and Nexus are being used commercially for process improvement. Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint for Healthcare Survey Software illustrates this by allowing business to create and distribute mobile surveys using iOS, Android or Windows tablet platforms. Doctors and nurses can use TouchPoint on their hourly rounding to input critical patient vital signs and log patient feedback.


Welcome to the Opinionmeter tutorial. In this tutorial, we'll focus specifically on assigning surveys we've created to mobile devices, to our mobile app that can run on an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. So, we'll log into a demo account, here. From the main module, we'll go on up to the surveys module of the the system, and we'll go over to 'create new survey'.

For a more in-depth tutorial on designing surveys, I recommend going to the help menu, here, above the yellow bar. And then go to 'guided tutorials' and you'll find a variety of tutorials to select from, several designing survey tutorials, specific to either online or device based surveys.

But in this particular tutorial, we're going to select an iPad survey. I'll select 'iPad' from the survey type drop down, and click 'save' to load that survey. So we're going to focus on assigning a survey to a mobile device, because it's somewhat different than assigning an online survey or assigning surveys to other device types, other than mobile devices.

So here we are in step one of four, defining questions within our create survey wizard. Step two is where we customize our brand, the look and feel of the survey, add your own logo, corporate ID, colors, fonts, etc. And then step three, assign that survey we created to a device, and this is where we'll be focusing in this tutorial. And step four, optional features. So I'll scroll down to the bottom of this survey that we loaded, to step through the wizard. This is the customize step where we can create our own skin, template or select from preexisting ones, add an introductory message before the survey begins, as well as a thank you message following the conclusion of the survey, which are optional. I'm going to click 'next' to proceed, and here we are in the assign device step three.

So, as it says in the center of this box, use your address book to assign surveys to mobile devices. To begin, select the 'address book' button below. So we have added a new address book into the survey manager to accommodate this whole new device type we've recently added, which is the mobile application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. So we can go ahead and click on this 'address book' button, and here we have our address book for this particular account.

At the top of the screen we have a number of sort fields that we can use to sort though our address book. This particular address book only has three entries, but if you had thousands of entries and wanted to sort for customers who are only within your Zip code, for example, you could do so, or email domain, or start and end date of when they registered their mobile app. Or, you can even put in the longitude and latitude of a specific location and search based on range distance from your location, and find only those customers that are in a particular range of your location. If you don't know the coordinates, which you probably don't, just go to the integration we have with Google Maps, move your way-point to your store location, and click 'add select' and it will auto fill for you.

I'm going to reset that, because I'm going to simply click on one of my address book contacts. And I can also have a look at, to see where that particular contact was when they registered their application through the integration with our waypoints and Google Maps. I'm going to click 'add selected contacts,' because I've already identified which contacts I want to distribute this survey to. So I'm going to click that, close this window, and now we see Morgan Strickland is a contact now assigned to this tutorial demo survey we've created.

Now, I can go ahead and click 'save', and continue through. Or, I can identify a location as well. This is totally optional. If you don't select a particular location, it will just say mobile survey location in the reporting module. You can also add a new location through clicking this link here, if it doesn't exist within the drop-down. Another feature we've added is this check box. We can assign this survey to any newly registered devices. So if you have a default survey you want all customers to automatically download as their first survey when they go to the app store and download the app, you can check this check box and that will automatically happen. I'm going to leave that unchecked for now. So I'm going to click 'save', and now we're in step four.

Step four has a variety of custom settings, time out, general settings, winning quiz and number, etc. For the sake of this tutorial, I wanted to focus primarily on the step three, assigning surveys to a device, and somewhat cover the address book. You can access that address book from within that 'create survey' wizard from the 'assign device' screen, or you can always access it from the main console that you log into. The first screen you see when you log in has that link, which will take you to, not only your mobile address book, which is new to the system, but also your online survey address book, if you are utilizing this module in the system. You can simply click on the 'mobile', and here's the same address book we saw within the survey wizard, that we can access from without. You also have a bit more information going to the address book. We add the serial number of the device, the email address, as well as the contact details, coordinates, and date that they downloaded the app and registered it with the survey manager.

So this concludes the tutorial specifically covering how to assign your survey to one of the mobile devices. Currently we're supporting the Apple platform, and we'll soon be adding additional mobile device platforms.

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