Authoring Multilingual Surveys


This tutorial covers how to author multilingual surveys using Opinionmeter’s DIY SurveyManager. Once designed, you can distribute your multilingual surveys to multiple channels: online, web, email, mobile-web, offline survey app, survey kiosk…


In this tutorial we'll be discussing how to create multilingual surveys. The survey manager can accommodate an unlimited number of languages as well as those languages that justify right to left such as airbag, Hebrew, et cetera.

So here we are and our test account and as you see here I've already created a sample multilingual survey which we'll go ahead and continue to edit and add questions to in a moment. But first I want to go and show you a critical first step that you do when you are initially creating your survey. So why don't we just go ahead and create a survey so I can show you this.

I'll just call it multilingual demo, I'm going to leave this inscription box blank, survey type you select your modality let's say it's an iPad survey or an Android tablet survey. I can of course from any previous survey to clone for from a template, but I'm going to leave those blank.

Now this is the check box I wanted to emphasize. This right here must be checked if you intend to add additional languages to the survey, so that first step please don't forget that's a critical step that I just wanted to highlight before we continue.

Okay, so now let's go back to the list of surveys here in the sidebar. I'm going to go to the edit icon, click Edit, and you'll see here I have added to questions to my multilingual survey. My primary language which is English and then I have Spanish or Espanol as my alternate or second language. And you can keep adding languages by selecting the add language button, delete a language.

And you'll see these are green buttons because they are completed so each of these two questions are also completed in Spanish. If one of these weren't or both of them were not yet translated they will have a yellow dot here instead of the green as indicated down here in the legendary.

Okay, so I'm going to click finish and I'm back into my primary language survey instrument now which is English. And let's say I wanted to add a question, I'm going to add a third question here in English and I have a document here in English and here is my survey instrument. I'm just going to copy and paste this into the survey and I'm also going to copy and paste my response options. And let's go here.

Now I can paste individually or I can express paste and this is a very nice feature to know about, it saves you a lot of time when you have a number of options you want to express paste. Now also I knew I was going to use these response scales again, I can always add them to library and not have to paste or type. So these libraries are very important features and very good productivity tools to know about.

Okay, so I'm going to leave all my options as they are. I'm going to save that question and now I have a third question in English in my survey. So let's say I'm ready to translate that. I will go to Language Settings button and you'll see the yellow dot because this question has not yet been translated. So it gives you the primary language, in this case it's English, it could have been any language. And below it the options to include the translation and I already have a translated document here. Here is my third question text that I'll drop in here and go ahead and copy and paste my response scale now below each of the corresponding options.

And the survey manager doesn't do the translation for you. We recommend having the translation done professionally and then you can cut and paste as I'm doing now, or express paste or add these to your library and then you wouldn't have to go to through the cut and pasting process that I'm showing you right now. And we have one more option here and totally agree or strongly agree, there we have it, save and now I have all green dots and I'm finished.

So now let's preview the survey and I'm just doing a virtual preview, you can also download this survey in preview mode to the actual iPad or whichever tablet you are using and let's go ahead and select English. I can go through and take a look at how this survey might appear in English. Or let's just go back, now how would that look in Spanish? And you can also translate this introduction screen as well and now here we are in Spanish. And I can continue through the survey and just look at how the survey would appear once I downloaded to the device. And that's just their preview mode where you are.

And now let's go ahead and save and continue into the wizard is another step as you see here there's four steps to find questions, customize, assigned to a device, and optional features. Now you'll see select language. So if I wanted to Spanish and edit my introductory screen, I have a full HTML editor here in which I can expand that full-screen or not as the case may be and translate this in Spanish because I've selected that in my language drop-down. If I have 10 languages you'd have 10 options here.

So that is the overview of how you manage your multilingual surveys. Don't forget that first check box when you initially create your survey in step one in the wizard.

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