Change Log

Change Log for August 2016

SurveyManager Updates

  • The Immediate scheduler for Respondent-Level reports will now respect cross tabulation rules.
  • Custom Fields have been added to Locations (5) and Devices (3).  The fields are available via scheduled Raw Data exports.
  • In order to prevent data-loss, users can no longer edit existing responses on an active survey.
  • It is now possible to have a recurring e-mail survey, which sends to any new contacts on a mailing list automatically.
  • It is now possible to pre-screen mailing lists for invalid E-Mail addresses.
  • It is now possible to automate uploads of new address book entries via an FTP Server.
  • It is now possible to output raw data to an FTP server.


Please contact your Opinionmeter Representative for more information on these updates.


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