S. Korea ‘Opinionmeter’ taking your input

Saturday, August 13, 2005 S. Korea ‘Opinionmeter’ taking your input

Pacific edition, Friday, January 23, Area IV officials are busting out high-tech toys to get feedback to improve the Army’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation services at South Korea bases.

Dozens of electronic keypads are being installed for an “Opinionmeter” survey of MWR programs and facilities. The digital devices are to gather patrons’ on-thespot reaction to help shape future programming, officials said.

MWR needs to hear from customers first-hand, said J.J. Stewart, Area IV’s acting community activities director, “so we employ a variety of methods to ensure the lines of communication are kept open.”

Such re-programmable machines also have been used to gather information on projects by the Department of Public Works, housing office, American Forces Network radio and television broadcasts and civilian personnel center.

This time, the focus is on improving recreational options for soldiers and civilians. Officials said the survey information will be gathered bi-monthly through April. The electronic questionnaires have about 10 multiple-choice options and take about two minutes to complete, they said.

The last round of MWR surveys led to changes in how club entertainment was arranged, said Laurel Baek, Area IV’s marketing director.

Area IV officials say the Opinionmeters likely will be used twice more during 2004 by different organizations.

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