Opinionmeter’s Licensee Network 2004 Global Summit

For Immediate Release:

San Leandro, California, December 11, 2004 – Opinionmeter, manufacturer of the popular customer satisfaction feedback system, recently held its annual international licensee summit in Coventry, United Kingdom. Opinionmeter UK, one of the key licensees within the global network, hosted the 3-day conference. Opinionmeter’s rapidly growing licensee network comprises of the following countries:

Colombia; Dutch Caribbean; Greece; Ireland; Nigeria; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom. For detailed information on each licensee, please visit:http://opinionmeter.com/worldwide/worldwide-network/

The main attraction at the conference was the unveiling of the next-generation Opinionmeter XL system (handheld and mini-kiosk models).

Opinionmeter sells hardware, including its new portable battery-powered mini-kiosk that collects survey data onsite, and transmits that data across the Internet. Opinionmeter software, including its new SurveyManager, automates the complete self-service real-time survey process – formulating the questions, deploying the survey, aggregating the data, and reporting analyzed results. This is the Opinionmeter® System.

This Opinionmeter System gathers large amounts of “point-of-experience” response data from wherever the experience occurs, analyzes it, and transforms that data into information it can deliver to any authorized person anywhere in the world for meaningful actions. The system is quickly implemented, easy, convenient, and economical to use. The result is immediate, spontaneous data that is not aged or dated – ripe for meaningful business action, or for timely response to a just occurring negative action, such as bad service.

Built on the WinCE platform, the Opinionmeter XL system provides optimum application and connectivity flexibility. In addition to the Opinionmeter’s mini-kiosk the Opinionmeter handheld version can also run on other WinCE and Pocket PC devices, for maximum flexibility. The Opinionmeter XL is fully integrated with the web-based SurveyManager application.

For an online SurveyManager demo please visit: http://opinionmeter.com/schedule-a-demo/

Flash Tour: http://opinionmeter.com/flash-tours/

Media Contact: Morgan Strickland
Opinionmeter International, Ltd.

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