Opinionmeter Releases Real-Time Survey System for Health Care Industry

SAN LEANDRO, CA–(MARKET WIRE)–Aug 18, 2005 — Opinionmeter International, manufacturer of the leading customer satisfaction feedback system, has recently unveiled its next-generation Opinionmeter XL system (handheld and mini-kiosk models) and web-based SurveyManager application. With their focus squarely on assisting health care facilities and administrators to meet the requirements of mandated reporting (JCHAO, HIPAA), the company introduced a turnkey collection of hardware and software to address those industry-specific needs.

The new portable battery-powered Opinionmeter XL collects onsite Point-of-Experience survey data, and transmits that data across the Internet to its web-based reporting tool known as the SurveyManager. The SurveyManager automates the complete self-service real-time survey process — formulating the questions, deploying the survey, aggregating the data, and reporting analyzed results.

John Maio, manager of diagnostic imaging, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Oakland, Calif., has used Opinionmeters to gather patient satisfaction of information also for employee surveys. Placing the survey machines in the waiting areas of various departments, Maio has collected patient responses to brief questionnaires about their just-completed visit. “When I saw the Opinionmeter demonstrated, it occurred to me that I could get rich data at the point of service, as opposed to data from a questionnaire that is mailed out to people a long time after their interaction with hospital staff,” Maio says.

This Opinionmeter System gathers large amounts of “primary response data” from wherever the experience occurs, analyzes it, and transforms that data into information it delivers to any authorized person anywhere in the world for meaningful actions. The system is quickly implemented, easy, convenient, and economical to use. The result is immediate, spontaneous data that is not aged or dated — it is ripe for meaningful business action, or for timely response to a just occurring negative action, such as bad service.

Built on the WinCE platform, The Opinionmeter XL system provides maximum application and connectivity flexibility. In addition to the Opinionmeter’s proprietary mini-kiosk, the Opinionmeter application can also run on other WinCE and Pocket PC devices, for maximum device independence. The Opinionmeter XL is fully integrated with the web-based SurveyManager application. Recently selected as “Exporter of the Year” by Commercial News USA, Opinionmeter has licensees and equipment in use in countries throughout the world. More information, an online SurveyManager demo and a Flash Tour are available at www.opinionmeter.com

Media Contact: Morgan Strickland
Opinionmeter International, Ltd.
Email Contact:morgan@opinionmeter.com

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