Opinionmeter releases new HIPPA compliant SurveyManager

San Leandro, CA – November 16, 2009 – Opinionmeter International, developer of the award winning patient satisfaction survey system, announced today the release of their new web-based SurveyManager application v3.4. Through collaboration with its healthcare customers, Opinionmeter has introduced enhancements ranging from advanced multi-lingual reporting filters to information pages enabling real-time prompts during training quizzes along with additional HIPPA compliant requirements.

Real-time Patient Satisfaction Feedback

Opinionmeter’s survey software is helping healthcare organizations of all sizes gather real-time point-of-care patient satisfaction feedback. Opinionmeter’s clients range from small networks of community clinics to medical groups, hospitals and HMOs.

“The Opinionmeter is one of the best investments we have made to assess patient satisfaction. I continue to be amazed by the system’s functionality as well as the support staff at Opinionmeter! This system ensures we have a reliable tool for service evaluation.” Said Eileen Lawson, CBAPP Director, Planned Parenthood Mohawk Hudson
In addition to capturing patient satisfaction surveys, healthcare organizations are also using Opinionmeter’s survey software to administer staff and patient safety training and education.
Opinionmeter’s solutions are widely used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, food service, financial services, the public sector and higher education. They have licensees and equipment in use in countries throughout the world. They are committed to helping organizations gain valuable real-time point-of-experience feedback from their customers.

“We’re focused on capturing the pulse of the customer before they leave the store, the clinic or the museum,” explains Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter International. “Our solution delivers fresh, real-time customer satisfaction feedback to organizations, allowing them to improve their customers’ experiences, sometimes immediately.”

About Opinionmeter

Opinionmeter International is a leading provider of technology-based customer satisfaction market research tools, with an emphasis on healthcare customer satisfaction surveys. With a range of interactive survey devices, Opinionmeter enables its clients to capture real-time ‘voice of the customer’ feedback at the point-of-experience (the moment the customer experiences the product or service). Built on the Windows platform, Opinionmeter can deploy its system onto a wide range of devices (including handheld, tablet and survey kiosk devices), providing maximum flexibility and device independence.

More information, including an online web-demo and Guided Product Tour are available atwww.Opinionmeter.com

Media Contact:
Morgan Strickland
Opinionmeter International

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