Opinionmeter Provides Its Clients with the Latest Market Research Software Tools

Opinionmeter’s “Author once, Distribute anywhere” model is unique among survey software tools, allowing researchers to manage multi-mode survey campaigns all from one convenient place.

San Leandro, CA (Vocus/PRWEB ) June 9, 2010 — Opinionmeter (www.opinionmeter.com) is a leading provider of advanced market research software tools designed to gather real-time market research surveys. Opinionmeter’s “Author once, Distribute anywhere” model is unique among survey software tools, allowing researchers to manage multi-mode survey campaigns all from one convenient place. The company offers a number of innovative interactive devices that allow its clients to capture real-time voice of the customer satisfaction feedback at the point-of-experience, i.e., at the time the customer experiences the product or service. In addition to onsite solutions, Opinionmeter also enables its clients to manage their online market research survey campaigns. Online market research surveys are used primarily for website, employee, customer satisfaction and customer service feedback campaigns.

In-store Survey Kiosk
In-store Survey Kiosk

A veteran of the market research industry with more than 40 years of experience, Opinionmeter has worked with countless companies worldwide in a broad spectrum of business sectors including retail, healthcare, financial services, entertainment, leisure, transportation, education, conferences & trade shows, government and many more. Opinionmeter’s technology-leading market research software tools serve a wide range of market research survey applications such as in-store research, mobile research, patient service-recovery, public opinion polling, customer satisfaction surveys, online marketing research surveys, and customer loyalty research.

By providing its clients with the latest in market research software tools, Opinionmeter puts the control of market research surveys in the client’s own hands. The SurveyManager, Opinionmeter’s web-based market research survey software, provides clients access to everything they need to manage onsite as well as online market research surveys. From market research survey design, to remote device management to extensive professional reporting, all management tasks are accomplished easily through SurveyManager’s easy-to-learn user interface.

From their SurveyManager account, a client may monitor and manage all aspects of their market research survey campaigns whether they are deployed as online market research surveys, on mobile survey devices deployed in the field or in-store touch screen kiosks. The system automatically compiles the real-time data from active market research surveys and effortlessly transforms them into actionable reports. Customized and standard reports may be pulled manually or pushed on a scheduled basis. Since Opinionmeter’s market research software tool is web-based, active surveys and reports may be viewed from any browser at any time.

Opinionmeter’s philosophy for the past 40 years has remained steadfast even as the technology employed has evolved over time by implementing new devices and platforms for conducting market research surveys. Capture the best understanding of a consumer’s thinking and satisfaction regarding a product or business at the point-of-experience – the place of their purchase decision or their experience with the business. Opinionmeter’s range of interactive survey technology allows its clients to capture consumer survey insights with the efficiency of high-tech market research software tools regardless of where the service or experience occurs – at a physical location or on the Internet.

For more information about Opinionmeter’s cost-effective advanced survey technology, please visitwww.opinionmeter.com today.

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