Opinionmeter Assists HSA with Customer Service Feedback Through iPad Kiosks

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 | Ventura County Information Technology Services:
HSA utilizes technology to help ensure a user-friendly, efficient process for gathering and analyzing customer service data

When the Human Services Agency (HSA) set out to capture feedback from customers who visit HSA offices regarding their public benefits, the Agency wanted to avoid the low response rates typically associated with traditional “suggestion box” methods. Therefore, HSA decided to utilize technology to help ensure a user-friendly, efficient process for gathering and analyzing customer service data.

After researching and comparing a variety of options with respect to cost and ease of use, staff from HSA’s Facilities and Office of Strategy Management staff determined that it would be most effective to mount iPads on desks to create kiosks, and install survey software that is optimized for tablet use.

The iPad kiosks are currently stationed in HSA’s nine busiest lobbies (more locations will be added this fall) with signage that invites customers to share feedback about their experiences. Lobby visitors may easily adjust the desk and tamper-proof iPad to a comfortable height, and then use the touch screen to answer survey questions in English or Spanish.

In line with the County Executive Office’s emphasis on the customer services standards of courtesy, completeness, timeliness, and accessibility the survey asks customers to rate these components on a user scale. The data are made available in real time to an administrator, who may quickly generate reports and create graphs from the software, as well as monitor the software remotely to ensure that it is operational.

Importantly, over a six-month period, HSA has garnered more than 1,500 survey responses through the touch screen kiosks, providing a wealth of data for analysis that was not previously captured through underutilized pencil and paper methods. Furthermore, the customer survey stations provide a model for establishing other kinds of kiosks that offer customers inviting, self-service options.

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