New Product Release

Hand Held Opinionmeter PDA for Intercept Surveying

The new hand held Opinionmeter Jr. is a miniaturized version of the stand-mounted Opinionmeter V survey kiosk, providing all its same advantages for instant, cost-effective opinion polling that has made the unique Opinionmeter System such a large success all over the globe.

While offering all the easy programming and sophisticated data reduction advantages of the OP-V, the OP-Jr. can fit into smaller places. It can be hand held for intercept surveying, fit easily on check-out counters, attach next to product displays, and even be passed throughout the cabin of an airplane or train to poll the passengers.

OP-Jr’s. flip-up questionnaire folds down for transport into a compact 7″ X 4″ X 2″ overall size, weighting 1.5 lb., and its alpha-numeric keyboard permits entry of respondents telephone numbers, zip codes, etc.

With Licensees already at work in most parts of the world, Opinionmeter Inc. is now actively seeking Licensees for major cities outside of the US.


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