Metropolitan Hospital using Opinionmeter Survey Technology for Patient Safety Training Initiatives

San Leandro, CA – August 10, 2009 – Opinionmeter International, developer of the award winning patient satisfaction feedback system, announced today that they are collaborating with Metropolitan Hospital to help measure patient safety knowledge and experience. Opinionmeter’s healthcare surveytechnologies are helping hospitals educate patients and staff on important patient safety goals. For example, Metropolitan hospital is utilizing Opinionmeter’s touch screen tablets and survey kiosks to administer staff training – quizzing staff members on their knowledge of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs).

The purpose of the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals is to promote improvements in patient safety, which would include improving the accuracy of patient identification, the effectiveness of communication among caregivers and the safety of using medications. In addition, they seek to reduce the risk of health care-associated infections, encourage patients’ active involvement in their own care as a patient safety strategy and improve recognition and response to changes in patient’s condition.

“The Joint Commission has made patient involvement a priority by including the issue in its National Patient Safety Goals. We strongly believe in doing whatever we can to educate the patient and to involve them in their medical care. The Opinionmeter technology allows us to do this. For example, we are offering our patients in the anti-coagulation clinic an opportunity to interact with the Opinionmeter survey kiosk just before they enter the exam room to meet with their provider. The technology prompts the patient with a few key questions: “What do I do if I bleed?” “What kinds of foods can I eat while I’m on this medication”? Our findings indicate that when patients enter the exam room, they are asking the same questions prompted by Opinionmeter 71% of time. Before this, the patient was not asking these questions. We are delighted with these findings from our patient surveys and we are expanding its inclusion to other areas, ” said Irene Quinones, Associate Director, Patient Safety and Cultural Competency, Metropolitan Hospital

Real-time Point-of-Care Feedback

In addition to administering patient safety training and education, Metropolitan Hospital is also using Opinionmeter to capture real-time patient feedback about the provider experience from outpatient clinics.

Opinionmeter’s solutions are used in a variety of industries, including healthcare, financial services, the public sector and higher education. They have licensees and equipment in use in countries throughout the world. They are committed to helping organizations gain valuable real-time point-of-experience feedback from their customers.

“We’re focused on capturing the pulse of the customer before they leave the store, the clinic or the museum,” explains Strickland, CEO of Opinionmeter International. “Our solution delivers fresh, real-time feedback to organizations, allowing them to improve their customers’ experiences, sometimes immediately. We’re excited to be collaborating with Metropolitan Hospital in adapting our real-time patient feedback technologies to provide additional patient safety and staff training solutions.”

About Opinionmeter

Opinionmeter International is a leading provider of technology-based customer satisfaction market research tools. With a range of interactive survey devices, Opinionmeter enables its clients to capture real-time ‘voice of the customer’ satisfaction feedback at the point-of-experience (the moment the customer experiences the product or service). Built on the Windows platform, Opinionmeter can deploy its system onto a wide range of devices (including handheld, tablet and survey kiosk devices), providing maximum flexibility and device independence. More information, including an online web-demo and Guided Product Tour are available at

About Metropolitan Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital is a full-service, acute care hospital emphasizing primary care medicine and utilizing the latest advances in medical science. Metropolitan prides itself on delivering culturally-sensitive medical care to the diverse neighborhoods of northern Manhattan. Metropolitan Hospital Center, along with other HHC hospitals, received high quality ratings from the NYSDOH comparing key quality measures and treatments for specific conditions in hospitals statewide.

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Morgan Strickland
Opinionmeter International

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